Cleaning the front crank bearings?

I don’t know all the terminologies yet. Here is a picture I took of the front area. Grease looks dirty of what I can see. Difficult job?? One to do every year? Anyone know a site that shows all the parts and terms of said parts? Thanks,bhw.


  • replace rather than clean. ooze is probable leaky bottom bracket.

    pdf page 17 for frame parts:

    wikipedia: The bottom bracket on a bicycle connects the crankset (chainset) to the bicycle and allows the crankset to rotate freely. It contains a spindle that the crankset attaches to, and the bearings that allow the spindle and cranks to rotate. The chainrings and pedals attach to the cranks. The bottom bracket fits inside the bottom bracket shell, which connects the seat tube, down tube and chain stays as part of the bicycle frame.



    in general, anything on a trike that you may wish to remove in the future should be greased (with the exception of brake rotor bolts). do grease the bb shell prior to a new bottom bracket.

    while you are at this stuff, smack the pedals and see if they rotate freely
  • The Trike has less than 2k miles on it. Should bearings go this soon?
  • NO. 10,000 km w,o prob
  • Someone asked for an exploded view of the front crank area las year. Never got one. Is there one floating around on the www or TT? Before I take this thing apart? Thanks.
  • I took apart one ions ago on a DF. Are these that different?
  • Finn59 ... not to hijack your post but do you mind telling me what the gizmo is attached to your bottom bracket by the single screw? Looks like an arm of some sort curving away with small circles embossed in the side. My used Rover Tandem had a piece of plastic held by the single screw ... rest was broken off and I just haven't tracked down what should be there. Thanks!
  • Ya had me. Had to go look at it. The picture is kind of sideways. It is the arm
    that goes up and holds the silver round reflector.
  • If you go to TT’s site and look up the Rover under the product page, one image has Trike against a white background where it is easily discernible.
  • Clean the area of dirt and grease and ride a few times and see if it's leaking. I'd bet it is not leaking.
  • No one has chimed in saying that they take it apart and regrease it every year.
  • no one will - sealed unit, remove and replace maintenance item
  • That thing attached to the front is a reflector, at least on my 2016 Rover.
  • I see it now. Good idea. I had added reflective tape but that missing piece ...
  • Small strip of aluminum can be bent to shape. Drill a hole in each end. If you already have a front light for running after dusk, we’ll you’re good to go now.
    No need to spruce it up.
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    The pic of the bottom bracket bearings James R posted is what yours looks like. It really isn't rebuild-able. Too bad you don't live close I'd say bring it over and I'd show you how to check the bearings/bottom bracket. In order to check them you need to take the chain off the crank chainring so the crank can spin free. You can then spin the crank and feel for any roughness in the bottom bracket. You can also get a crank puller tool and pull the crank arms off and with your fingers spin the tapered axle of the bottom bracket and feel if it spins free or it is rough. {}.

    From your pic it looks like it could be grease or "anti-seize" that was put on the BB cups. Which is normal. Just wipe it off. Best wishes!
  • I tried. I tried to watch the video. But that man’s voice just was off. He didn’t fit the part. Looked like a con who would get 10 years off his sentence if he would just make a video. ( sorry I spoke my mind. Me brain’s on holiday)
  • I have watched other vids on YouTube about tanking the cranks off. There you can select the actor.
  • What did you finally do about your BB?
  • I let it be. May take it out for a run Tuesday. Weather looks to be sunny and 49. Will inspect it afterwards.
  • Oh ok, I'm here whenever for whatever I can help with.
  • Rode 11 mi. The last two days. No leaking. Pedals fine.
  • What trouble were you having with the pedals?
  • I just had a lot of dirt around one side of
    crank bearings. Thought it might be leaking. I wiped it down. After two rides the last two days it has not returned. I was wondering if I should pull it all apart. How often is this done? Rode fine so far. 11 miles. Need to make a repair stand next.
  • If I remember right the BB you have is not really meant to be serviced. To check if it is ok take the chain off it and spin the crank and see/feel how smooth it spins. If it is rough/grindy/spins slow. It may be time to replace it. BUT based on what you have said about the mileage, it should still be ok. Which you were closer, be most happy to help you.
  • What in there is something similar to this: It has sealed bearings and shouldn't need anything for 1000's of miles. If you pull the chain off the front sprocket, the cranks should spin easily without a gritty feeling. If it doesn't, replace it. No maintenance other than wiping it off.
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