Patterson Crank Won't Shift

I always keep my Patterson crank in the larger gear and start out in 1st for each ride. Today it seemed like I was getting no resistance. I found out the Patterson crank had slipped into the lower gear and would not go back up to the larger gear. Does anyone know if there is a specific adjustment or do I need to take it to the dealer to be worked on? If so, I will also have a larger sprocket installed. I need a broader range of gears.



  • not much to go wrong with a patterson - cable stretch if you have any slack in the default sector position where cable attaches to crankset.

    fsa patterson website video worth watching for how things work. seriously helpful tech support, send email or call.

  • I finaly got around to looking at the linkage. Riding with my dog, I try to not make him go over a trot. In the larger Patterson gear, that would only be 4th but now I was stuck in the smaller gear and going up to 7th.

    I had tried tightening the cable at the shifter while riding but that didn't fix the problem. Today I looked at the cable and it was actually loose when in the smaller gear. I tightened it up, tested it, and it works great now. Now if I can figure out what is causing my back issues, I'll be riding all the time. We are hitting highs in the 80s and the Spring Break crowd is here so I won't be going far from home. A short ride is perfect!
  • Go party with the young-uns.
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