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Has anybody or is it possible to convert a Sportster to electric.


  • I have a two-year-old Sportster with all the goodies on it. As I am approaching eighty I am considering a converting to electric the bigger the better. has anyone done this conversion? If so what problems arose?
  • I'm thinking that would be a nice conversion.
  • Haven't hear of doing so with a Sportster, but I'm sure it would be quite doable. Are you wanting to convert it to electric assist, or full-time electric only? I would call Utah Trikes though, as they probably do more trike conversions than nearly anyone else. Where are you located?
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    would think a high probability of a brand-specific electric upgrade kit forthcoming from terratrike should the rambler evo prove viable. such could be a no-hassle diy fit for any terratrike.

    bionx just went out of business, in part, i think, due to falco coming to the marketplace and which could become the new gold-standard for painless electric rear wheel installation.

    might be worth waiting on rambler evo rider experience to start drifting out before deciding on the mix-and-match products currently available.
  • from a Denman post at bentrider:

    So while its not part of Power Assist, Fallbrook Technologies who provides the Nuvinci IGH filed Chapter 11 on March 03. That's protection from creditors, not a business terminating bankruptcy. Yet.

    I paid them a visit some years ago in Austin just as they were selling design rights to Dana/Eaton ( automotive Supercharger drives). The leadership style was downright destructive to any form of innovation, rather Stalinesque. They had an opportunity to significantly reduce weight & cost with increased durability of the N360. Management didn't feel the bike market had a future, instead hoping to sell licensing of the existing technology to other drive markets.

    Perhaps a year from now an OEM will buy them for 10 cents to the dollar.

    first bionx, then nuvinvi . . .
  • There are others going under as well . . . . RideKick, for one
  • Wait a year and all of us in the forum can throw in $100 and own ourselves a company :-)
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    We’ll call us “Re-Furbish-ed”. “Re-Finnish-ed” is another guud one. :)
  • GCN (Global Cycling Network) on youtube mentioned that Falco's emergence as a strong force in hub motors was a real hit to BionX and Ridekick. Apparently TerraTrike went with a winner when they chose Falco.

    Now, if @Chonk could just give us release dates for Falco conversion kits for Rovers and Ramblers, etc. I could start planning my purchase :-)
  • Hate to hear that. I spent time last night researching Nuvinci ... in case my Nexus gives out.
  • Shimano will live forever...
  • Carguy: I use a conversion kit from Golden Motor Canada to power our tandem trike. Very easy to install and reasonably priced. They are also very responsive to their customers and have good support. https://www.goldenmotor.ca/
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