Rover (Texas)

Seeing how fast I sold my Rambler, my son now offers his seldom ridden 2014 Rover for $650. Extras include a higher pressure Schwale rear tire (75psi), extra wide comfort seat, water bottle holder, side mirror, and bell. We live near Austin TX and will do the sale at Easy Street Recumbents in Austin. jjrzwpz1z149.jpg


  • Wow. Guud price. Less than I paid for
    my 2013. Wish I was close. It should sell quickly at that price. @floridaArrived should come get it but it will co$t her a trip to Michigan.
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    The wide seat is $200 by itself. If I could get someone to ride with me, I'd buy it.
  • Pay for my flight...
  • Shipping must be less than totaling up gas time and hotel, right????
  • No, I meant if I could find someone locally who would ride trikes with me. My son won't even try mine. He's a big tough AF pilot and that would be demeaning to ride a trike. Personally, I think he would like it too much and never look back. He does use the exercise recumbent trikes at the Y.
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    How old is he? We are 59 now. Seen younger on a 2 wheel recumbent, not a trike. Wait. Two ladies last summer. On TT’s. Maybe in their 40’s. You need to find one while on your journey. But if he won’t try it out then it’s a waste of money.
  • Yup. He might get a look from the older generation still riding DF’s.
  • He could post a sign on it saying “ Seeing Eye Trike” and wear dark sunglasses. Red tipped white curb feelers would be an nice accessory.
  • He has two great danes. I told him to set up a harness and they could pull him. My 50 lb dog pulls me most of the time except at take off when I really need it!

    It's not about being old and riding a trike. Anyone who rides one will fall in love. There is little wrist or butt or back pain and you get to see the world as you ride!
  • I am in the Houston area and very interested.
  • tswift, go ahead and email me at kmtolan at with any questions or particulars.
  • fyi - bike is still on the market.
  • We live in canyon Lake south of austin when could we see it
  • We live in canyon Lake south of austin when could we see it

    Is this a 8 speed?
  • fyi - the bike has been sold. Sorry, DJ.
  • "He who hesitates is lost".
  • GPS.
  • Touché!
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