Comments you get?

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Hey all, what sort of comments do you get while out riding?

A few days ago, I was riding a favorite quiet road, frequented by the "serious cycling" crowd. One DF rider with bulgy muscles and fancy bike clothes and I were waiting at a red light. The next light, a block up the road, changes at the same time - getting through both is a drag race. The light went green, and I busted my best move, actually outpacing the racer on my little 'ol Cruiser.

After we made it through the lights and the two turns to get back on the quiet street he caught up with me, and grinning hugely said "wow, you drive that thing like a Ferrari!" Why yes, yes I do. 8-)


  • Just yesterday, a motorist pulled up next to me in my (newly acquired) Cruiser, rolled down the window, and shouted "That thing is BAD-ASS!"

    Yes. Yes it is.

  • Strangest comment I heard so far was today, as I rode by some upright bike riders going the other way on a MUT, one said to the other.... " It looks like a "rowing machine"..... Huh !!!!! :?
  • From my neighbor, who had followed me home in his car along the mile-long curvy street: " were...I mean, how fast can you go on that thing?" I explained that there was a bit of a tailwind, but that yes I was going at least 18 miles per hour for the whole mile, and that there were some slight dips where I was up to 22.
  • As we rode along the bike path, a guy turned around to ask us "Did your therapist make you get that?"
  • A few months back our group (about 8 trikes) was riding in the Mission Bay area of San Diego.(it is great to be in an area you can ride all winter long) We aproched a mother and her son of about 7 or 8 years old when we heard the youngester state "WOW mom look at all the speed racers!"
  • Three of us went riding by this woman and her ~8-10 year old daughter. As we passed we hears the young girl say to her mother "how sad".

    She must have thought we were all handicapped in some way... :?

  • Obviously a lad of wisdom and good taste.

    Riding to the library on the quiet streets of Dover Shores... two kids playing basketball: "Wow, that is the neatest thing I've ever seen."

    Junior triker.

    Passed a mum with kid on bike and kid in pram. The kid in the pram took one look at the trike and wanted it. Big grin. He scrambled up and was jumping pram when mum's paw quelled that his efforts to sign aboard the Slow Bell.
  • I get a lot of comments. Most are "cool bike" or "I want one of those." But this really happened the other day...

    I have a very bright Dinotte tail light mounted near the top of my seat. A car pulled up next to me and slowed down to pace me. The passenger window went down and a lady said "Do you know your turn signal is on?"

    At least I know it's getting driver's attention!
  • Yesterday, on a very crowded trail, a man loudly said "Now there's the smartest people on this trail!" Later a little boy asked his dad "How come we don't got like those?" so cute, his dad said "Fun huh?"
    We heard "Sweet, Fun, Working it!, What's that? and Hey! that's the new Rovers up ahead, check em out"
    On The Monon
  • While riding our tandem on the bike path, a woman passed us, smiled and said "That's a bicycle built for joy".
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