Made 4 accomplishments this season.

:D Ok first I thought I'd almost never do finsih my first century. then seel my EZ 3 SX trike to someone else. next learn how to adjust my own trike. second to last fix my own trike. Last put my own mirror on. Ok for some of you not a big thing. For me who can't see all that good a huge thing. lost my small wedge in my handle bars Took the hand grip off tipped the trike over and out came the wedge put that on no problem. Trike startred sounding like pop corn so I waited until I got home to adjust it because I was a long way from home. Called my LBS and did the adjustment myself not bad. Oh and seling my EZ 3 SX was the hardest one of them I ever did because I was like deltas until I die wel the darn thing let me down too many times. my friend bought the Path 8 for me so now I'm like starting to love it the same way I did my EZ 3 SX.


  • Wait a minute - stop the presses!

    I'm sorry but you simply CANNOT lump RIDING A CENTURY into the same group as fixing a mirror :lol: :P :o

    WOW - congratulations on all of your accomplishments BUT please tell us more about completing the century!!!

    ALSO - around here, "If there are no pictures, then it didn't happen"
  • I left at like 7 in the morning and got back at 7 that night would have left and been back sooner but I got lost on the way to do the century was kinda of nervous on which way to go. I didn't take any pictures because I had to save the battery on my phone. Next year planning on mounting a camera either on my helmet or on my accessory mount. That too me 6 years to work up to that too. My EZ 3 SX was a piece of crap that broke down every ten or so miles. The Path 8 I'm not bragggng but it got me there and back to Xenia safely then got me back home to Springfield safely so if you put all the miles that I rode in 3 day because i took saturday off. Almost 240 miles in 4 days. I rode there that's 20 miles there and then back after riding the event. Come the Path 8 rocks. Just go to facebook and check out Greenetrailscyclingclassic. there's pictures of me and Bumble Bee.
  • :D go to their facebook link from there. or just google them. Greene Trails Cycling Classic.
  • [Screwed up. Greene Trails Cycling Classic sorry about the mispelling. [
  • yes it's me. Trying to get the word out about the best ever tour in ohio.
  • Want to see more TTs there a the event next year. I see a few most are green speed and cat trikes. With maybe a few of us TT rider around.
  • Oh adding to my accomplishments this season my first self suppoting ride yea. That will be in october. 1. so happy.
  • Oh after years of wanting to I finally got to ride with the Bentrider online crowd had fun. Oh and put a horn on my trike. Oh and got to ride through a drive through at the local walgreen's.
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