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Hi all, yep came home with the Rover. Spent the morning at The Bike Center in W STL Cty. a test ride in the rain, but I had to ride it first. Its love a first sight. This is going to be a blast, it will get its first introduction to Crystal City tomorrow morning. I also got a rear view mirror, and a set of Crank Brothers Egg beater pedals, I like clipless pedals, and as I ride I'm sure I will add more options. I already have a flag, with the good old Stars and Stripes on top of a orange warning flag. Pedals and flag will go on tomorrow morning. I will probably get a Magic Shine tail light, man those thing are super bright, then maybe some Magic Shine headlights, a trunck rack and a trunk, I already have a set of panniers to hang on the rack, I will put 3 water bottle cages on it and a computer. That should keep me happy. I will go to sleep tonight with a smile on my face. :D I see a lot of really good trike riding a coming. I will test its hill climbing ability shortly, can't wait to get it on the flats to see how fast I can crank, old man style. I will wear out the stock tires then go to the 100psi tires, Kevlar, probably just a little more narrow.
Its all about spee and weight. I would like to thank everyone for posting their thoughts about their Rover, reading your post help me with the decision. See ya on a trail around here.
Safe Trikeing
Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa a new Rove Krew member.


  • Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats. I was jsut on my way to Creve Coeur Park to praactice on the ramp to the Katy Trail Connector but it stared raining on my way there so I am home now.

    There is yahoo group for st louis recumbent riders at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
    A bunch, fleet, coven, gaggle, pride (what is the word for a group of bents?) rode last Saturday in Madison County. Hopefully we will get together again soon.


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  • Congratulations on your new Rover. You will love it....
  • Good morning Marian, Captian Bob, yep just with the test ride, I could tell I will have a blast on this thing. I was tell a buddy last night all about it, and I was wound up, so he is probably coming by today to take a look and then think about if he would get one. It would be neat if he did, he lives out in country, not good riding out there, so I told him if he got one he could keep it here and come into town and we could ride together. Marian the climb up from the Katy to the page trail on the west side of the river will make you wish you had your Wheaties that morning. I have done it many times and hope to do it again soon. The ride from CCpark over to the Katy then into St. Charles is a good ride, always liked doning that one. Everyone have a good ride today. I know I will.
    Thanks for the yahoo info.
  • Hello Bill,

    WELCOME hi-hand.gif

    I hope you have twice as many happy miles as me :P


    PS - Forum Rule: We must see pictures!!!! ;)
  • Where's the photo??? Congrats on your new ride, may you enjoy it daily :)
    TerraTrike Rover W/N360 by NuVinci Trike Album/
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