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Hi Folks,

I thought you might like to see my first video. This trail is call Halfmoon Bay Coastside Trail. It's gorgeous and I wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy! And please feel free to give feedback.



  • Boy, you sure do pedal fast~! :mrgreen:

    Seriously, the *effects* tend to hurt my eyes, but the place is a dream to ride - what state is that in?

    And, it took 5 minutes to watch, how long did it take to do?

    Seems like you have a great camera, wanna share what you used?
    TerraTrike Rover W/N360 by NuVinci Trike Album/
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  • Incredible video, very imaginative Terratrike should feature this on their website!!!!!! :D :D
  • Oh WOW

    Thanks for the feed back. I had so much fun making it. I wish I could peddle that fast. :D
    Half Moon Bay is in Northern California, about 1/2 hr south of San Francisco. It took Donna about 1hr to ride the whole route and back. This Spring I hope to be able to do the Monterey Trail. The camera is the GoPro. It's a great camera.

    The camera is mounted on a accessory mount for terracycle.terracycle

    WOW Captain, I am very glad you enjoyed it.

  • Excellent work.

    What video editing software did you use?
  • Great video, will be looking forward for more, great trail.
  • Thanks for the accolades,

    CyberLink Power Director. It took a while for me to find an editor that wouldn't take til next year to learn, but yet have enough advance features.

  • WOW!!! This video is just FANTASTIC!!! What a GREAT video of the joys of triking! I love it! Your use of transitions is creative and engaging and the MUSIC is simply PERFECT! This could be a wonderful commercial advertisement for any trike manufacturer or dealer. I have saved a copy to my favorites on You Tube and will be sharing it with others. I'm also going to seek out and buy the music of Public Domain. I think you have demonstrated some real artistic genius with your video. Thank you so much for this gift to our community. - jim
  • Thank You so much.
    I am very glad my video was so well received. Now I hope I can do as well, if not better with future videos. Guess I better go busy. :P

  • Wow, beautiful trail! I looked it up it looks like it is about 12 miles round trip. I noticed you said it took your wife about an hour to complete it also. From your video, it looks like the trail must have a lot of coasting areas since I noticed that you were able to pedal, coast, pedal, coast. Our main trail here is pretty flat and I seldom get the luxury of coasting. It seems like my Rover takes a lot more effort to keep moving as opposed to the bikes I used to ride. I will say it is great exercise!
    8000 miles and counting...
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