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Well, I did it. After researching trikes for about three months, I decided on TT and their products. The Rover fit the bill for what I was looking for and I made the purchase last Saturday(11/5/11). I purchased my Rover from one of TT's dealers in Olathe, Ks. The folks at Bike America couldn't have been more helpful. Jeremy, Brian, and Cameron were outstanding and it was nice to see customer service is alive and well at this store especially from three young people. I have already put 22 miles on my Rover. My first ride was only 7 miles but I tackled a 15 mile ride today. Lots of hills but the Rover did great. Ocassionaly there would be a slip in the gears but it was probably the operator. I'm looking forward to building up the mileage to get back into better physical condition. I'm 59 and am excited again to have something I can do to get my heart rate up and get rid of these extra pounds I'm carrying around. Thanks for all the good info on the forum. It helped me make my decision.


  • Congrats and welcome,

    I only researched a little before I bought mine but had to put it on layaway while I ordered a trailer hitch and had it installed. I just passed 100 miles this past weekend.

    Many happy miles,
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  • If your gears are slipping, and you are sure you are not shifting while applying pressure to the pedals, you may want to check the adjustment on the hub.

  • The Captain is right Jato. I had the same issue back in September not long after picking it up and thought it would get better as I racked up some miles but it didn't. I found myself shifting past the gear I wanted and then clicking back to it which seemed to help for a while. It seemed to happen the most in the middle range (3rd, 4th & 5th). I tried lining up the dot in 4th gear as the video instructed but couldn't seem to get it so it would stop skipping (very annoying on hills) and I didn't want to do any damage to the hub.

    I went back to the T-T pros 6 weeks ago company hdqtrs since I'm lucky enough to live in West MI 10 miles away. Steve DeJonge dialed it in perfectly and asked me to do a few test laps on the indoor track just to make sure it was right and it hasn't slipped a bit since. Steve explained that just like the brake cables can stretch somewhat from first use the same thing happens with the shift cable. They techs dial it in correctly initially but as the cable stretches to its normal working length it sometimes slips off the mark. The good thing is once it's adjusted now it should be good for quite some time and shouldn't give me further problems.

    Sadly here in the Winter Wonderland state after 16 miles this past weekend I'm probably going to have to hang it up and will out of the saddle till probably Mid-March.

    155 miles since Labor Day and hoping to hit 1,000 by July 4th
  • I check the adjustment on my SA-8 hub about every 500 miles or so. It is very easy to do. The trick to getting it right is to read the post where I explained how to do it. Any mis-shifting requires immediate adjustment to avoid damaging the hub, and as was stated, once the cable stretch of a new trike has occurred, it should just require a minor touch up once in a while. Very little maintenance is required on the Rover, but hub is something I always check.
  • Congrats on the Rover. I have a Rover 8, and I am stacking a lot of miles on it already.
    Good trikeing
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