Rover 8 on layaway



  • Muriel,

    Where in NOCAL Bay Area? I got my Rover-8 about a week ago, have just over 40 miles on it so far, mostly on the converted RR Right-of-Way "Iron Horse Trail", in the San Ramon section...

    Paul H
    (stroke survivor, enjoying the freedom to go to the grocery stores 3 & 4 miles from home without asking someone to drive me.)
  • Hey Paul,

    We live in Danville. Donna took the IHT all the way to Pleasanton in Sept. I can only do about 3 miles in a shot and have done 20 mi total, so far. We have to get together.

  • Broke 100 miles total on my trike today. Beautiful fall weather, sunny, 46F. I'm still not great pals with the wind but I'm getting stronger. Ordered the breathable mesh for my seat today and got new spoke reflectors. I'm having a blast.

    Met some new folks today. Now I have Weds. and Sat people to ride with. In between I can ride with my friend who just got a Rover.

    I find pavement easier to ride on than the Katy Trail but maybe as I get stronger it won't make such a difference.

    Have fun everyone,
    Rover 8

    Rover 8 with 24T chain ring and shorter crankset
    Walky Dog - Checkers - whippet mix
    Bike Tow Leash - Cleo - boxer/English bulldog mix

    Be yourself; everyone else is taken.
  • Hehe - it will always make a difference. But, I ride unpaved MUPs all the time, so then I feel fast when I do get on pavement :)
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  • Hey Marian, the Katy is always just a little harder, but WELL WORTH the ride, stop at the bike store in Augusta and get a Ted Drewe's. Out aroung Trelor, the trail is right next to the river, so cool, hey maybe next spring, summer, fall, we could get the STLbents together for a mass ride on the Katy.
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