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Hi everyone, started to ride the Rover again on Mon. had a good bout with bronchitis, was off the trike for 5 weeks. It felt so good to be back out riding, sure did miss it. Made 7.5 miles today, so the rebuilding process is in full swing. Next week I will get over the 10 mile rides, and go up from there. Yep sure good to be back on the Rover.
Upgrade for the Rover, I just finished ordering the Schwalbe Marathon tires, can't wait to get them on the trike, wonder what the difference will be, going from a 45# to a 100# tire. I know the ride will be rougher, but I have been assured by the LBS wrench that the Rover will be faster and more respondsive. Easier to travel longer distance. Okay I like that. Want to be ready for the next plan ride. The Tour de Stooges on May 5th. Should be fun, never been on this one. Have heard that it is a blast. Hey STLBENTS, a group ride? The weather here in this part of the midwest has been soooooo good, great riding weather.


  • Good luck with your marathons, I love mine. But I am in an area with huge amounts of thorns along the converted railroad I usually ride on and take my dogs on. Even though the marathons have a degree of protection I was getting a lot of flats...sometimes I would pull 5 or more thorns out without flats, other times it was flat flat flat. To put things in comparison, each of my dogs get about a thorn a day on their walks...but they are smart enough to immediately stop and lift up their paws before serious damage, the Rover isn't quite that smart.

    I went to one of the tubes that is an open circle on the back so I could change it without removing the wheel, and that was better...lasted a week or more. But it too eventually flatted multiple times.

    Finally I went to my local REI and purchased extremely heavy (says 5 times as thick) tubes that come preloaded with Slime, said to be able to selfseal up to 1/8" holes. Put them on all three wheels, and although I am still finding and pulling out thorns, I haven't even topped up the air in the tubes in the 6 weeks I've been using them, let alone getting a flat. For all I know they may be riddled with sealed <1/8" thorn holes...but no flats, so it works for me.

    In my road bike commuter days no way would I have added so much weight to my bike with tubes like this. But back then I had use of both hands and legs and stopping to patch a tube and pump it up enough to get to a decent pump was child's play, except on a rainy night commuter back home in the winter, that is.

    I love the marathons, and you probably will get fewer flats than with the stock lower pressure wheels. But if flats become a problem, I can't recommend the Slime extra heavy duty tubes highly enough. And I even managed to mount all three by myself, essentially one handed as I lost the use of my right hand in a stroke. It took a very long time, but I managed, taking a couple days changing one a day, at about 3/4 to an hour each. Getting the stiff beads back on the rims was the hard part, not inserting the thick heavy tubes. (I slightly inflated them and the leveraged right in without pinching or wrinkling.)

    Paul H
  • Hi ya Paul, thanks for the come back, and info. We used to ride the Katy Trail a lot, its surface is a chipped limestone, and those little buggers could and would work their way threw the tread threads, and a flat, a lot of them. So I order SLIME strips from REI, and they did away with flats. I didn't have one punture flat after I put the strips in. I was gettin a lot of flats here in town from tacks and small nails. So the SLIME really does work. I am glad to here your take on the Marathons, that was what I wanted to hear. The weather here in the central mid west next week is suppose to be good, hope to receive the tires on Mon, and get them mounted right away, put some serious miles on them next.
    You take care,
    I just love my ROVER
  • Boy, I know all about being sick! it took me two office visits, and two different runs of antibiotics to kick whatever it was that I had. I got two short rides in this week, mixed with snow and temps (now) in the mid 30s.

    Normally I am a guy that enjoys the winter season, but now, I want winter over in a hurry so I can start riding my Rover outside more and more!
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