New rear tire

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I was riding to the library yesterday when my rear tire developed a bulge. Rather than ride 2-3 miles to a bike shop I pulled into Rite-Aid and bought a 20x2.15 Bell Platinum Series BMX Bike Tire with KEVLAR that was tightly folded up in a box for $17. It has "Kevlar Anti-Puncture Protection and a Carbon Steel Folding Bead". It must be steel cable to fold so tightly and spring back to shape with no kinks in the bead. Anyway, it doesn't have what I would call an aggressive tread and should work great in this winter weather. It looks like a nice "fresh" tire. While mounting the tire I noticed the screw holding the idler/tension arm cog was loose again. It almost fell out once before. I need to clean it and put LocTite on the threads.


  • It was easier to go out in a cold garage and replace the smooth washer under the hex screw head with a lock washer. While I was at it, I put a lock washer on the other end of the screw before replacing it in the idler/tension arm. The U-shaped chain "keeper" or whatever it is called should stay in place now. For some reason, the smooth washer I removed from under the screw head was a tight fit and had to be removed while held in a vise...well, I shouldn't have to do that again.
  • Another stock tire started to bulge a little so between Rite Aid and eBay I managed to get two new Bell BMX tires with Kevlar and now my old Path is ready for winter. Between the slightly larger rear wheel diameter because of the new rear tire and my advancing age my low gear isn't quite low enough for one of the bike paths over a nearby parkway. I might try to find a slightly smaller front sprocket.
  • Just what I've been wondering since I bought my Path soon to be infinity if I could run the BMX or the Mountain Bike tires on it.
  • Replaced the 46T front chain ring with a 40T chain ring from Terratrike and removed three chain links. Riding over the parkway isn't easy but at least I can do it now.
  • I installed three new Bell BMX tires, reamed out the rear wheel valve hole to fit a Schrader valve, and installed a new tube.

    I am all set for winter riding.
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    Three years later...Whew! I just installed a new set of the Bell BMX tires. I could see the belt in a few spots on the right front tire. The front tires wear evenly but I was surprised the rear tire wasn't worn out. It could have gone another year.

    At 85 years of age, it is a workout for me to get the rear wheel off and get the tires in place. Next time I will probably let a bike shop do it. My hands just aren't very strong anymore.

    Finally, my Kaiser Permenante cardiologist scheduled a stress test for me because of frequent premature ventricular contractions. I would never know I had such a thing but a recent ECG showed them. My stress test showed a normal heart with normal blood flow and a normal left ventrical. I credit that to riding 2-5 miles every day that is rideable. I usually skip the ride if it is below 20 deg F and over 90 deg F.
  • Congrats on the tire and your heart. I will consider those tires when I need new ones.
  • I admire anyone at age 85 and active.Very good.
  • You sir, are an inspiration to us ALL!
  • I usually skip the ride if it is below 20 deg F and over 90 deg F. [/quote]

    Make that 30 deg F. I am getting too skinny to ride at 20 deg.
  • Where do you live? 40’s In November in Michigan were the latest we did in 2017. 30’s possible if I found a decent mask.
  • Colorado front range a little north of Denver. My face doesn't get particularly cold, it is the whole body. Long underwear and a couple of fleece layers under the windbreaker work pretty well. Old windproof mittens from Nashbar are great. No breeze and the usual bright Colorado sun usually make the ride tolerable.
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