1,000 Miles

Well, I passed the thousand-mile mark today on my Rambler. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself...

I've had my Rambler for just over 3 months, and currently average 20-25 miles a day. With luck, I'll hit 2,000 miles before winter sets in here in upstate NY. I'm hoping to do a metric century sometime in the fall, so I need to start increasing my mileage to get ready for that.

I know this milestone is pretty small stuff compared to the mileage some members of this forum have racked up, but it's a start. I'm having lots of fun, getting in better shape, and trying to figure out what I'll do when winter comes.



  • Good job, the first thousand is always the hardest.
  • Grats on the 1K milestone! That's a lot of miles. How many pounds lost? ;)

    Not sure how much trikes differ from bikes, but every 3,000 miles meant new chain & cassette. How much is a replacement trike chain?

    ¬ ITL
  • I have vintage two wheelers with 50k miles that still sport the original cassette and chain rings. My "84" Trek 720 Touring is on it's third chain. Broke the first one in 1991 near the top of Mount Evans CO the second was swapped out after a very rainy week long ride in 2001. The chains on modern bikes require more frequent replacement but if you keep it clean and well lubed you should get far more than 3000 miles. Terra Trikes use about 1.5 standard length bike chains. If anything I would take a hard look at your tires. The stock tires on my Rambler were cashed in at the 1000 mile mark.
  • In 1,000 miles of riding, I've lost 25 pounds, from 291 to 266. Like most people, my weight gain after college was a matter of 1-2 pounds each year over 40 years. I peaked at about 305, and had improved my diet significantly recently - better food, more home-cooked, less fast food and takeout. I also took a 10-day vacation to Turkey, where I ate like a pig but also walked 5 miles or so each day. I lost 7 pounds on that vacation.

    I'm hoping to end the riding season in upstate NY around 250. The question then is what to do during the winter.

  • Ken were in upstate are you .. I am near(south of)Buffalo.. Last year I put 1000 miles plus but this year its been not so good.. Seems like when I can ride it rains and with no fenders I don't want the racing stripes in mud lol And when the weather is ok I am Djing at a car cruise or show.. Trike on friend.. Don
  • Don -

    I live in Schenectady. There is a Terratrike dealer in Amsterdam (20 miles west) and a few of us in this area get together to ride pretty often. In fact, today 7 of us rode the Ashuwillticook trail in western Massachusetts - what a beautiful trail it is and what a beautiful day today was!

    Early summer here was pretty much a bust weatherwise, but I took advantage of my retirement and hour-by-hour weather forecasts to find the best times each day to ride. The last 4 weeks or so have offered lots of the beautiful summer weather that upstate New York is known for.

    Happy triking!

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