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  • TCEd
    We get periodic tests and checks from him and discuss our activity with him and our family doctor.

    Regarding crank arms. We both have 165mm arms. I've never messed with them but Frances went through a substantial three visit ride fitting with a well respected pro using all sorts of sensors on the bike and her. She feels significantly better and more comfortable as a rider now but crank arm length was not changed during these sessions. I finding my ride needs some tweeking but I'm not sure if it is my seat back angle or crank length or me the engine.
    I have enough gears, very good equipment etc.
    January 1
  • TCEd
    Although my wife Frances and I are very active I may have mistakenly portrayed us as extremely active types. Whats different about us is Frances is a long distance type, she's done full marathons, long X/C events and her true love is open water swimming, I've followed her in a kayak in some distance events. She competes but it isn't a hard core pursuit, she's content to finish vs. working to medal. Actually my concern with her is a serious crash while riding or skiing, there's a bit of recklessness in her blood.
    I'm the opposite, always went for the fast and quick sports. I played hockey until a complex cervical spine surgery in 2014 ended that activity and bike riding and led me to a trike. I x/c ski but do not compete. I do not run.
    Ironically we both have very low heart rates, Fran's so low she had a pacemaker installed five years ago to keep her from passing out occasionally when relaxed. Mine is near that condition but not quite there per our shared cardiologist.
    January 1
  • boycefamily
    We are in Oak Forest, IL. We do not have a trike yet, but are considering a Rover Tandem. Our son has lung. Issues, and therefore has low endurance. Our hope is to get him out with us so we can exercise and all enjoy the fresh air.
    June 2017
  • TrikesterHal
    I should have included my email and cell phone!, 479-409-9329 and my blog
    January 2017
  • TrikesterHal
    Where are you located?  I'm in far NW Arkansas not 25 miles from OK and MO.  I'll be leaving the area for Tucson within a month or two.  My departure date is up in the air.  I won't ship the 559 and I'll take $2,500 for it because it has less than 1,000 miles on it.  And, because it's parts are interchangeable with the Dumont the dealer swapped my wheels (so you get new Schwalbe Racers and wheels), the boom, derailleur, crankset from the Dumont.  It was easier to do that.  Let me know soon if you're interested because I haven't listed it on Craigslist yet.  I'll wait for your reply....  Hal
    January 2017
  • shroommann
    Try a Patterson drive up front and that will give u 16 speeds. Won't change your hill climbing ability but u will go faster with a better selection of gears.
    November 2016