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  • WYKen
    Hello Jeff. I just purchased a Rover Tandem, and added a Patterson crank up front for higher gearing. I did NOT get IPS. I thought the Patterson would change the gearing for both front and rear peddlers, but it only affects the front captain. So the captain peddles at a slower cadence compared to the rear stoker when the Patterson is engaged. In fact, the back stoker cadence becomes too fast if I engage the Patterson up front. Is there a remedy for this? Thanks. Ken- new rover tandem owner, new to TerraTrike.
    July 19
  • richard1
    live 1 hour south of Rochester, hornell area, I have a handicapped child and looking to buy a recumbent tandem trike. Do you know of any persons who want to sell one, thanks. Richard R.
    May 10
  • threegz
    Hi Jeff I was told to ask you if you knew when fender for 24 inch wheels might be available. I have a 2015 Rambler that I just ordered the wheel kit. Thanks
    March 18
  • TrikeBirder

    Hey Jeff, I had to send you a link to this... "Worlds first TerrAzub" as I thought you too would get a kick out of it. Thanks again for all you do!
    January 18
  • Captainbob
  • FINN58
    Hey Jeff. Here's my address :
    Bruce Wikman
    229 W. Larch Avenue
    Muskegon, MI. 49441. For the cards about benefits of triking I can hand out.
    July 2017
    • IdahoTrailLizard
      He said e-mail... under his username... you gave your address out over an open web page. Was you here when the Russians were looking for addresses??
  • chonk changed his profile picture.
    May 2017
  • IdahoTrailLizard
    Was only replying to what someone said, was not making accusations by any means. I had confidence in you.
    May 2017
  • TrikeBirder
    @Chonk, I have an idea that you might like- Why not create a new category and place it at the top of the list titled something like: New Users Start Here

    Under this area you could make it read only, and place a few carefully worded posts there to make forum use easier for newbies. Things like your recent post "** Sticky** How To Post Pictures" and perhaps others like: A guide to commonly used TT Forum abbreviations. You wouldn't necessarily have to create it yourself, rather you could ask us forum users to make suggestions and then you, or someone you appoint, could decide what to include and not include. This might help to avoid post like the recent "Two Tour II's for Sale" post to half a dozen categories. I think it would be really helpful. Feel encouraged to call or email me if you wish to discuss this further.

    Mike Boyce (TrikeBirder)
    517-721-1016 home (East Lansing)
    269-986-8419 cell

    P.S. I love the Forum and TerraTrike!   
    January 2017
    • chonk
      Thats a great idea.
      I've added the new category and moved over the "how to add photos" sticky.
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    June 2014