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  • I don't know if I have the newer or the older tie rod design. I bought my traveler last fall, it has the quick release pins that hold the tie rod in, but the videos showing how to fold the trike have a different tie rod. Mine is hard to remove.
  • I folded mine as I'm looking for a bag to fit it into. It's definitely close to 42" long. And to conserve space, I took off the front wheels. So now it's 21" high and 20"wide. I'm ordering a CCM hockey goalie bag with wheels that it should fit in.
  • when I called TT a few days ago, they told me it was 42x32x22, but I like the smaller numbers if that's what it really is.
  • THE Orange County ! California. I have some very steep and long hills very close by. Not flat around here. I think I'm now looking at the x24, after hearing of negatives with the N380. The Haluzak was great, but can't keep going up those hills …
  • TT doesn't pay retail for other suppliers parts, they pay about $200 for the n380
  • My local dealer questioned why TT is doing that also. Considering the cost to TT for the n380 is less than $200. If it takes the place of the x24, why is it so much more ? My dealer could build it cheaper and put it on a base traveler. Come on TT, …
  • Looking into a traveler with the n380, but why it TT doubling the cost of the n380 to add it to the bike?
  • I might be a trike rider soon, hoping to buy a traveler. I have a Haluzek Horizon now, that I need to sell first. What dealers do you suggest in OC? Thx