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I assume you are referring to the surface rust on some of the hardware on the brakes. That is the only rust I saw while I was cleaning it off. The spokes, rims, and frame are clean. That is why I posted the pictures that I did. Wanted to show the flaws, what few there are. Same with the front seat that has started to fray slightly on one side. I am very confident that it (the rust) is cosmetic. If I spent some time on it, I suspect it would clean off. The brakes work perfectly, no squealing or anything like that. I can't explain how that happened, as the bike has been suspended from the ceiling of our garage with bags over the seats most of its life. Humidity of living in Iowa, I guess. I'd be happy to provide more pictures, if you wish. Also, my wife tells me the price is somewhat negotiable if the buyer is another family with a special needs child. For what it is worth, I am coming to Chicago the weekend of July 15th and can easily haul the trike in the back of my pickup.


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