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  • When I ride, never away for long and always try to stay in visual with trike. Otherwise, cable lock thick enough that thief must carry heavy duty cable cutters(like bolt cutter). I think a tracker chip could work? Most times, my dog goes with too, s…
  • I too have a tandem pro. I bought it second hand and I like it. Idler system is a little cumbersome, but I am to convert to teracycle idlers and eliminate a few that are not needed.
  • I have a hybrid, I had bought it in 2012 on a whim. Okay I guess, but not worth the extra cost. Resale on higher mileage cars is not there. Not worth much. Fuel savings doesn't pan out either. that same year, I had bought a regular gas powered compa…
    in Triker Magnet Comment by Bozo50 1:23PM
  • I had bought a set last year. Trouble is that when you went to tighten axle nut, interference from the washer/spacer, would not let wheels turn. Terra trike techs apparently hadn't heard this. I sent them back with the understanding that they would …
  • Certainly cheap enough!
  • TCEd wrote: » I put. new air in the tires. The old air was worn out. LOL! That was my answer.
  • Eagles win!
  • May I ask as to what the complete set-up runs $$$?
  • TCEd wrote: » just put it on the kitchen table when your wife goes shopping and beg forgiveness if she comes home early.  LOL! I don't know how many times I have had to do this over car parts being in the dishwasher!
  • Ironman1518 wrote: » Looks Delicious!! That and good strong coffee and life is wonderful! I drinking that coffee right now...while cooking my steak and eggs.
  • Woo-hoo! Mid 50's here today, that is short sleeve weather, LOL!
  • Florida_bound wrote: » Who's crazy idea was it to send rain and 40 degrees to Florida? It's greatly affecting my ability to ride and my knees are killing me. We may get a hard freeze tonight which will destroy the camillias I planted a few weeks…
  • Ironman, you are hired! I am shipping my trike to you tomorrow, LOL! I just can't buy any time to work on the trike this winter. Always something coming up. Maybe we'll have another cold snap to keep me indoors so I can finally do all my trike chore…
  • Thanks for the invite Ironman. Some day I hope to have all my work done so I can play all day....LOL!!!
  • LOL!!! Only thing is, my wife is downwind on the tandem!
  • OOps, don't know how I added to that other link.
  • squirrelpie0 wrote: » James R has it down pat. Easy if you understand what you are trying to do and how the disk brakes work[/quot I agree, no need to reinvent the wheel, when he has it down pat. Last of my parts arrives today, got a a furnace jo…
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » Unless you ride in the EU, which has a 250W limit IIRC. Silly limit, very low. I would alter the tag. Politician types telling me what to do.....well I just can't conform.
  • Found the videos on you tube. Guess I just didn't look hard enough. I am redoing the brakes on my tandem, so we'll see how it goes.
  • J.....the poop, well sometimes... Aside from the ice cream and beer, I find myself eating far less as a direct result of the trike.....thus I am full of poop less often, although some friends may disagree!
  • My before stretching routine amounts to lacing up my riding shoes... My mid ride stretch is usually getting off the trike to pee and get an ice cream..... My post ride stretch/exercise is typically a barley pop.....or two!
  • I bought some led rope lights on ebay and attached to flag pole as a lighted whip. Very bright. Multi mode. Works for me. Mine are powered by 3 AAA batteries.
  • Chonk, I am glad to hear that. Sometimes I am accused of being in my own little world, but I knew I couldn't be the only one.
  • Missed opportunities.....
  • TCEd wrote: » Guessing T.T. has figured out a full parts catalog online, parts in inventory and someone to manage the catalog, maintain inventory and pull and ship parts isn't profitable. Not profitable? Seems that with todays drop ship capabili…
  • Finn, that's the thing, I would think it would add greatly to TT's bottom line. I, myself, fall into the having to wait til Monday thing, and then I forgets to a simple thing takes far longer to take care of. Some tell me, "that's too m…
  • Ok, So I have got some grease coming, tires, tubes, new avid brake kit, several needed specialty tools. When they get here, my fun begins. I got some ss wheels as a gift-figured I'd change the look on the pro and maybe improve the ride with a wide…
  • I bought a cheap paniers set on e-bay, but not nearly the quality of TT stuff. I have the older rack top bag, no panniers.
  • I would pony up and get the TT bag.....doesn't it open up into paniers too? Ask for a discount since you bought the bike, most dealers will knock off a percentage.
  • TCEd wrote: » I think back to when I was young and rode a bike everyday almost year round and the bike sat out in the weather. I probably never lubed or cleaned the chain, may have possible squirted some 3in1 oil on it but i doubt it. Later in lif…