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I have a trekker model trike, that I have purchased a few months ago. I am finding it very difficult to rise up off of the seat, even at the highest adjustment point. I must point out that I do have some disabilities that are making this task a little tougher. I had another brand of trike before this one with a much higher seat, but I thought I would be able to master this one. I presently have a piece of thick foam strapped to the bike seat cushion, which gives me approximately 2 more inches of height, and makes my task of getting off of the bike manageable. I am now looking to have a more permanent solution, in the brackets of the trike. I am wondering if anyone has experienced this already and has come up with a solution? I would appreciate any feedback that people could give me.


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  • Hello there, I will be in the Long Point, St. Williams area September 11 through until the 16th. We will be camping in the area and I will have my bike along with me. I ride a three wheeled recumbent Trident trike. Perhaps send me an ema…
    in Hello Comment by canadale August 2017
  • tunana wrote: » I have had my Rover 8 since Sept. 2012 and love it. I live in Long Point on the shores of Lake Erie in Ontario. If you are looking for a riding partner in this area, even further north, message me and we can get together for a ride…
    in Hello Comment by canadale August 2017