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  • My comments are not directed at any specific manufacture, I apologize if they were taken that way. I was just curious if there’s a industry standard testing procedure for testing load limits on bicycles. If bicycle manufactures use different testi…
  • Here's one in Michigan.
  • My wife uses the heel straps. Once she has them adjusted to her shoe size she lowers her heel into the strap and then lets the ball of her foot fall onto the pedal. After the first fitting there's no need to undo the straps everytime, I don't know…
    in Heel Straps Comment by romeo52 August 7
  • Look good from here!
    in Heel Straps Comment by romeo52 August 5
  • We really enjoed meeting everyone. We're looking forward to next year. I loved most of Chonk's Challenge. The down hill part!
  • I’ve recently rolled over my Rambler AT twice, once while going around a sharp curve at a good clip, I turned a little too wide so the outside wheel left the paved path and went into the sandy shoulder stopping the wheel instantly. The second tim…
  • This was the first Riderfest for my wife and I so we really didn't know what to expect. At the end of the day we had a great time meeting all the riders and especially members of the TerraTrike Forum. The food was great, people were friendly and t…
  • I think the R.A.T. has only been out for little over a year and the Smart Sam's are a quality tire. I hope the tires last a few years but like all tires it depends on the surface your using them on.
  • It's easy to delete Craigslist & Ebay ads.
  • Maybe that's another reason why nobody deletes old ads, we just don't know how!
  • How do you delete an old ad, post or classified?
  • Sorry, I just got one last week. Thanks
  • I load 2 Etrikes into the bed of my F150 with a pair of aluminum wheelchair ramps. The ramps collapse to 30" and extend to 7' can hold a couple hundred pounds, cost under $150 on Ebay or Amazon.
  • I purchased the EVO for my wife early this spring, email me for comments
    in Rambler EVO Comment by romeo52 June 6
  • I have a 1 Mirrcycle mirror mounted to the end of a Versa bar. The Versa bar puts the mirror closer to my eye level, this works great for me. Mirrcycle mirror is a great product at any price.
  • 8 speed transmission built into the rear hub. Shift gears 1 -8 by twisting the gear selector on the right handlebar grip.
    in Internal 8 Comment by romeo52 May 28
  • Every Monday evening thousand ride the Detroit Slow Roll. You will see hundreds of custom bikes, all shapes and sizes Check out some of the videos of past rides on youtube search Slow Roll Mike in YouTube for the best videos. I don't have to …
  • Sorry, my original post was probably not clear. I currently have the standard TerraTrike fenders on my Rover. If I put Big Apples on the Rover will I still be able to use my current fenders. I don't want to buy new fenders. If the Big Apples sho…
  • My fenders arrived today also. I'll be putting them on tomorrow. They look great just the way they are!
  • Great idea! I just called TT looking for front wheel bearings or part #. Now I'll have to wait until Monday. If TT is not interested in selling parts direct an on catalog with part numbers and specs would be greatly appreciated.
  • That's a big battery. Are you using a mid drive motor? I'm also in the process of adding a motor to my wife's Rambler. Did you happen to see this:…
  • The Rambler AT has a different seat with padded sides and a zippered pocket for small items. The seat mount is in a fixed position not as much adjustment as a Rambler. I just moved from a Rambler to the AT and miss the extra seat adjustment of the…
  • Great project. I bike in Detroit and looking at the Iron Belle Trail Map they plan on using streets for about 20 miles of the trail through the city. Belle Isle is a beautiful park and just getting better all the time, home of the Detroit Grand Pr…
  • I just what to post a special Thank You for letting me have your extra wheel, be assured it will be put to good use! I wish we could have talked more but the weather was pressuring me to get back on the road. Have a Merry Christmas!
  • Boxmaster wrote: » It is just sitting in the basement, like I said it's yours free no charge just shipping. I was never able to get the hub adjusted so it didn't slip. The yellow dot is in the center like it should be and it slips in 6th gear. My …
  • Thanks for getting back to me about the rear wheel. How much are you asking for it? Bill
  • Where are located? I'm in Romeo, Mi, maybe I could pick up the wheel if you're no too far away.
  • If you don't get any takers on the i8 20 in. rover wheel I would be interested. I would like to up grade my Wife's 3 speed Rover.
  • I had the same problem, side seat rails hurt my hips. I solved the problem by inserting a 1" x 14" x 12" black closed cell foam between the upper and lower seat covers. This make the seat a lot firmer, if it's to firm after riding awhile I can tak…