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  • Yeah, but in summer they will be wearing the atmosphere down there.
  • Sunny mid 40’s for Saturday. Going to look at part of the trail today to see how much snow remains. Rain this pm and tomorrow should wash most away.
  • No one has chimed in saying that they take it apart and regrease it every year.
  • If you go to TT’s site and look up the Rover under the product page, one image has Trike against a white background where it is easily discernible.
  • Ya had me. Had to go look at it. The picture is kind of sideways. It is the arm that goes up and holds the silver round reflector.
  • I took apart one ions ago on a DF. Are these that different?
  • Someone asked for an exploded view of the front crank area las year. Never got one. Is there one floating around on the www or TT? Before I take this thing apart? Thanks.
  • The Trike has less than 2k miles on it. Should bearings go this soon?
  • Has a few. One even carries a DF and a trike. Will wonders never cease. At the start of that video it was stated that his car was ‘too low”, and that he borrowed a truck to record the video.
  • I just watched a video of a man loading his Trike on a single rack. It was a vertical thing that was attached to a truck hitch. It was laid back toward the ground and he pushed his trike onto it then pushed the rack to the vertical position. Very li…
  • Rain Monday and Tuesday here in west Michigan. 50 Tuesday. Friday dry and 40. Maybe ride a few then. If rains finish off the last of the snows on path. Yippee riding in February. It will pile up again if I ride, I know it.
  • Once spring hits her Trike will be out in her van til the fall.
  • The bikes r out of the weather if a shower comes thru.
  • Yust czeching to sea whoze a-wake.
  • Saw an old juan on Craigslist here the other day. Prob 40 years young.
  • Big cup,eh?
  • I’ve pointed that out to everyone who has a card from me.
  • A really cheep rack could be built out of a wood 2x2 with pvc pipe split using a saw. Those could be attached with lag bolts n warshers, or bolts all the way thru. This may last a year in AZ that doesn’t get rain.
  • Get heel slings if you don’t have them already. Especially with a wood piece used. Slippery when you hit a bump. Clearcoat the wood so it lasts.
  • What about a small utility trailer? One with a ramp to make loading bikes easy. $50 trailer plate fee in Michigan. One time fee.
  • Dats a guud juan...
  • If you bought a strong dual hitch bracket, you’re wife’s bike could hang above while my rack could slide in below. My rack uses 44” of square stock steel. Yours would hang out further to make room for the width of her DF. How do u transport both now?
  • Gosh. That would stick waay out the back. I just sent a steel company some questions wether I could walk in and buy 4 pces of steel. The thought of going to the other place send my bp and sugar thru the roof. I tried to figure a way to hang a trike…
  • Inner tube rubber material.
  • I would not add a pivoting bracket. That would be up to you. I don’t want the liability of doing many. A single I could do. They really are quite simple. I wish I could weld and had the equipment to do so. I may run to the local stell shop this pm…
  • Were you looking to carry a DF and a Trike at the same time?
  • Don’t know. I just asked my wife if she would drive around all season with a rack on her van, one that pivots to vertical when not in use. She answered as long as it didn’t rattle much. She doesn’t use her hatch on her van much, only to remove her…
  • FLA Bounder- what size receiver do you have on your vehicle ? And what r u driving?
  • From the car to the beach I have nada. We have Moken 10’s, made by Feel Free out of NZ. They ave a built in ‘wheel in the keel’ that rolls nice on pavement and hardback sufaces. Frozen sand as well. Summer sand nada. It buries so then one is draggin…
  • I ave a 6x10’ aluminum trailer for our yaks. Used it last year to tote trikes from cabin to Lake Michigan shore in Northern Michigan. Have to lake yaks diagonal and stack em so they fit.