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  • A grill cover, large one. What would u do with Trike overnight if u came to Michigan??
  • And another member here said to slide axle far fwd in dropout slot so then one only has to tighten the two hex’s under seat to put tension on the chain. Shouldn’t be any slippage in back and one would only have to czech forward. But what do I know...
  • When I load trike onto carrier, the only time there is no weight on rear is lifting back of Rover putting it on rack or taking it off. The bird seed bag that I cover crank area with is held there by a bungee cord. Once we found the chain had come…
  • Here’s my set up as it is a minute ago. Things might have changed since. Yesterday am I had frame raised and spun the cranks backwards, fast. So signs that it wanted to jump off.
  • I bought a pair of pivoting receivers, hers and mine. Took mine off. Makes it stick out a foot further. A feel more vib ration at 50 with it hanging out there. Drove her van with my Rover on back last night. Didn’t ask her nor did I remember ( th…
  • Please share with me. Bring up the papers in two months to the party and I’ll sign em.
  • Shimano Nexus. I just lifted the rear rack and spun tire backwards. Chain stayed put. Thought that was the answer, a misaligned tube. Nope.
  • I’ve had to tweak my brakes enough in the first year that it is easy. Getting close to turning into Finn60 that I’ll have to start writing things down though. TT University is a lifesaver too.
  • Hmmmm....
  • I was going downhill and ‘hit’ a bridge doing 14 mph yesterday. The wooden bridge’s edge was not flush with path. It was up an inch. That is quite the jolt. I have heel straps from TT and toe clips from LBS to keep feet in place.
  • Thanks. I doubt she will care about gloss.
  • So I could take the codes to a paint shop and get some mixed up? I have an airbrush, but have only pushed acrylics through that. Enamel would be more durable.
  • Bottle cage is meant for handlebars of a DF. Seat frame on our trikes is smaller tubing. I used some tape from Duluth Trading I had leftover around seat pipe to enlarge the diameter. So now the bottle cage is snug. Won’t pivot. How it works out for …
  • Buy a boat. There goes your money down the whirlpool. Kayak’s are much better.
  • Seems like a long drop down in. What do u use to pull yourself up?
  • Ed-how do you get in and out of that thing?
  • My wife has a waist band/pac that she wears in front while on her Rover. It has a pocket for a water bottle.
  • I’ll have to post a picture when I am mentally able this am, soon to be pm. I put a bottle cage under my seat right side. Holds a Coke size plastic 16.9 filled with water. A SoBe fatter size also works but a tight fit. Carrier is right there. Don’t …
  • Hopefully all model Rovers come with the heel slings as my wife’s did with her 2016 model bought last April.
    in New Rovers Comment by Finn59 May 10
  • Gotta move the dog from one side to another on each ride. Lest you will wear the shoulder off of right Marathon
  • Staying overnight anywhere. How do you lock the Trike to the trailer. A truck cap CAN keep it out of sight if cap is tall enough or trike can become shorter by loosening seat clamp and collapsing seat.
  • I can pump out 8 mph if I need to get somewhere. Generally taking it easy not racing to beat any weather back to the truck.
  • The 406 refers to the bead diameter in millimeters. The board of directors may correct me. The other numbers I have no idea. My Marathons are 20x1.75/406’s.
  • Reg glasses with Fitovers sunglasses. I have a pair of bifocals that were my first pair owned. Can’t stand them. Have to turn my head. I like to glance left and right. They are there if an emergency arises.
  • No extra bling to order a nm torque wrench now. Just wanted to know which bolts people use threadlocker on, and which ones I should not. Thanks for that torque info Ed.
    in Threadlocker Comment by Finn59 May 1
  • Someone mentioned a while back what components they used the blue on. If that could be found or listed again, I will save it to memory. Of this iPhone 5s. Thanks. G’night.
    in Threadlocker Comment by Finn59 May 1
  • Hope this helps you by telling us. I started shaking while reading this. I won’t ride trike on roads, just our paths here in Michigan. I do have to cross roads. I look several times and listen for the tires as well. Best of luck to all involved. Gl…
    in accident Comment by Finn59 April 30
  • Yellow and blue are my sail colors. Plus a clear panel so you are VFR.
  • Indy car jacks under frame to raise it to your chair level. Then lower you down. Hmm. Maybe on to something here.
  • Dats guud guys.