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  • In the forum article about the recumbent rally in Texas (Terra Trikes making a difference!) they mention the group ARFA (Assistive Recumbents for All). You might try and contact them and see what they might be able to arrange. I also see local gro…
  • This is what I found in the accessories section: This Blackburn velcro mounted mirror is for trikes with thumb shifters.
  • Nice article:
  • My original black bags are getting old and wearing holes in them. Where can I buy these nice big bright orange ones?
  • I use Endomondo as it is used for the National Bicycle Challenge. If I use it for longer rides, I might have to upgrade from the free app to their premium app which says it conserves the battery, or I will have to buy a bike-mounted solar panel to …
    in apps Comment by whtrike April 2013
  • I have two mirrors
    in Crashing Comment by whtrike October 2012
  • I ride a Cruiser (Tour II) so I have never tipped forward yet. I have tipped my trike on its side taking turns too fast and I have learned to watch the speed on my bike computer when taking curves and turns and keeping it under 12 MPH for the sharp…
    in Crashing Comment by whtrike October 2012
  • At least you have wolverbents! You could always start one.
  • Is this in Ohio? There are quite a few states with a town called Springfield.
  • The forum page headers look good today. Thanks for the updates.
  • It was okay yesterday. It is a problem in Firefox and IE9.
  • I am not as tall, but my feet feel numb from time to time when riding more than a few miles. I have been riding a Cruiser for over 3 years now. I found that if I consciously flex my ankles when I pedal, like you would on an upright bike, that the n…
  • The accounts for the 'my terratrike' section are separate from the forum accounts. It would be nice if they were the same. I created a new account with no problem. I left some comments yesterday about a couple pages and sections which did not appe…
  • I looked on the accessories page and I did not find them. Can you provide a link? There is one corner that I might avoid because the cars do not see me about half of the time that I have to cross 2 streets at that corner.
  • How about some twist ties, like you might find for the bags in the produce section of your grocery or left over from a box of trash bags?
  • I sent him a private message. I will let you know if he responds.
  • I know about waiting for a bike to come back from a Spring tuneup. Since I waited a long time last year, I made an advance appointment this year so that it will only be gone a few days instead of 2 weeks. I guess this is what happens when a dealer…
  • Try the 'crank forward' bikes (Rans:
  • Where is it located? My parents live in Grand Rapids and I was born and raised in Western Michigan before having to move West to find jobs for me and my wife.
    in Moving? Comment by whtrike February 2012
  • Where are you in Iowa? I rode too far on Saturday, but I quickly recovered. I might even bike commute on Friday! I am in the Des Moines area. You might want to consider bringing it in to a TT dealer, if possible.
  • The wind was not bad and the Sun stayed behind the clouds most of the day. When it is 50 and dry in Central Iowa on New Years Eve, it is a great day for a ride. There were plenty of other riders and walkers out on the trail as well today.
  • On the rural paved trails, only some of the newer trails in our area, such as the High Trestle trail, are paved when they cross gravel roads. The 26 inch rear wheel should put your chain and derailleur 3 inches higher off the ground which is import…
  • Another good website for Iowa is
  • For those of us who ride paved rural trails with gravel road crossings, I think that the 26 inch wheel is a must because I am only getting 2 fingers width of clearance between my derailleur and the gravel and that is not enough when the gravel and d…
    in SWEET Comment by whtrike October 2011
  • It was in the low 70s with a slight wind out of the West. A very good day to ride the Chichaqua trail, for the first time, in Central Iowa with another Terratrike owner. I look forward to more days like this where you do not have to worry about he…
  • I think BikeWorld picked up the Catrike line when Irwin's went out of business because they used to have it. The other place in central Iowa that carries a lot of recumbents is The Bike Barn in Ogden, West of Boone on US 30. I referred a co-worker…
  • I live in Windsor Heights, which is part of my screen name. I ride some short flat rides with my wife. I try to get in some longer rail trail rides on the weekends. I was approaching Redfield on Saturday when I blew my tube through my tire and sh…
  • I ride some with my wife, but her knees keep her from longer rides. I plan to ride from Windsor Heights to the ribbon cutting this weekend
  • I just looked in the User Control Panel and I could not find where I can change my password. Did I miss or do I need to reference the email when my password was reset?
  • Try They are recumbent riders who are working to create products for recumbent customers.