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  • sold to retired Canadian guy who happens to be in Arizona on vacation. Since he drove far from arizona to LA, i gave him at very good price. just want somebody to ride and enjoy it.
  • sold to a happier triker. already in seller remorse. 
  • Hi, i also ride that route every weekend. we can set up meet and ride together. 
  • Hi, how much rover x 5 cost excluding all the accessories.
  • I have recumbent bike lightning phanthom. Now i want trike and probably go for rover cause the seat is high and the price is affordable. Thanks terratrike that they have come up with not-so-expensive trike.
  • Hi i am very much interested in buying this. call me at 7148837474. In morning i go to college.
  • the chain problem was due to not placing the rear wheel at exact center. and also u need to tighten the chain little bit. Then there is no problem of chaining comming off. Congrats on trike purchase, its pure pleasure to ride.
  • Go for ROVER 8 speed.
  • i did have problem innitially of chain felling off. But then it is because of rear wheel not placed at tghe exact center. Once i adjusted the rear wheel to exact center, the problem has been solved and since then I have been enjoying it alot. There …
  • Vow, finally u got very fine trike. did u order directly from teratrike. If so then did it come fully assemble?
    in Sport Elite Comment by pema May 2010
  • yellow indicator must in window when the ger is in fourth gear. Other than fourth gear, yeallow indicatir will always away from the window
  • I am starting to discover the beauty and goodness of my Terratrike path 8. I have thought to sell it, now it seems i won't part with path 8. today i rode along the huntington beach CA at around 9pm till laguna beach fro two hours. i clocked average …
  • One of the Bike shop here know how to upgrade path 8 to 26 inch wheel. I am looking forward to upgrade. Any one here who has experience of trike path 8 being upgraded with 26 wheel. If my path 8 will be nice with26 wheel, then i will shelve my plan …
  • Hi marc, I bought terratrike on 1st April via dealer. I faced same problem as you on my first ride. The chain came off as well as cable from gear hub. The chain was coming off quite a lot specially i peddled aggressively on 1st gear. Then I brou…
  • Hi sean, hope ur problem with the change has been solved by now. If this is the case , then do let me know how it was done as it would be helpful to me as well.
  • Hi jesse, my chain is routed correctly as you have mentioned and the chain is not comming off often. it only came off when i pedalled fast on 1st gear. I think the problem may be because of the lack of chain derailleur which the previous version …
  • I like Jessica Kessenich's smile.
  • I like Jesse_kess smile
    in Tire Upgrade? Comment by pema April 2010
  • Hi, i have terratrike path 8 recently bought in april 2010. I has dual mirror and terratrike bag( 49 $). It is in excellent condition with the receipt. i paid including everything+ accessories = 1450 dollars. now i will sell at 1100 dollars cause i …
  • Yes, Sean, i think chain coming off seem to be the inherent problem of path 8. My path 8 whose chain is tightened two weeks ago has not been falling off the chain, but today after( riding for two weeks since chain tightened) the chain came off while…
  • Sorry for my initial outburst. my chain problem has seemed to have solved now. My dealer adjusted the rear wheel to exact centre and tighten the chain bit. since then i rode probably twenty miles along santa anna bike trail and chain hasn't come of…