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Was out later than planned, had a gentle night's ride home. Pack the lights with me no matter where I go. Reflective trim on the job as well. Since I had not planned to be out after dark had left the blue LED strobe at home. Also note that thee Slime tubes are holding air pressure quite well. Almost at the 500 odometer mark.


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  • I use two driveway markers, heavier fiberglass rods, in the seat. Have attached a USA & USAF motorcycle flags to either side, and as small TT Snake flag on one side. I can strap in a mandolin (or ukulele) to the rods, and even sporting a SunTact…
  • Oh, @Jrobiso2 , the beginning of the video was the tractor taking off across Main street, carrying dirt. That was not the trike.
  • Brake levers came in first class mail. The envelope they were in took a beating and had some holes. Will have to get the brake levers on next week before the WRT ride, and hopefully can hire @Lilypad to teach me how to adjust brakes more proper.
  • WRT's has long sleeves, but they won't make anything past 2XL. I could probably squeeze in a 3XL but anything smaller is not going to contain the dragon. Will look like I'm wearing a tube top.
  • Chain Tension Adjusters should fix that issue. Been tempted to get a pair myself. Will ahve to go out an measure the axle width to get proper tensioner. Am guessing Rovers are 5/8 inch axles. (Lost that info) Your wheel is not aligned properly an…
  • FWIW, cables for locking are the worst for deterrence. A pair of wire cutters can cut through faster than you think, and more cable's weaker points are where they are looped over, often defeated by a crowbar. U locks are much better if properly hard…
  • Wheel bearing going bad with only 500 miles on? Showed this video earlier about having a camera on the Rover: but there are two different areas where I was turning right and there was this distinctive & brief whine. The right brake lever was …
  • Our accessorizing did not happen over night. One of the better accessories was the GoPro Hero Session camera. Especially when in traffic it's like extra assurance that if something does go bad there is a witness. Also find that recording those …
  • New Cockpit View
  • Platform Clipless is a world of difference from standard Egg Beaters!
  • NM, found it. Falco 750W 5 Phase Motor
  • Too bad it wasn't the color scheme of a RATtler.
  • Had a few issues using the stock velcro heel sleeves, more of going over bumps, gaps, roots, weird surfaces. Most of those issues were with the feet coming loose in an upward motion. So pedal traction was not an issue. Since going clipless I've n…
  • Aye. Have egg beaters on, which were not giving me the foot support I was wanting. Clipless gives more energy, and peace of mind from leg-suck. Not once had my feet come off the pedals since going clipless a year ago. I ride over a lot of weird s…
  • Ordered some Origin8 pedals from an LBS. Almost went with some Crank Brothers Mallet 2's, but then the LBS showed me these which looked more flat with the clipless. Crank Brothers Mallet 2 Origin8 Fiend Fiend All-Mountain Double Clipless …
  • Wished had friends where I live that can take & share photos. @Lilypad had some friends take these of us on the 2018 Fruitland Spring Fair Parade​. Will work on the video over the next few days; clipping and speeding up.
  • The Versa Bars opens a whole world of mounting possibilities. Although I've even added another phone holder below the other one recently. (Night photo, slightly enhanced)
  • Just for kicks... there was this bunny hill at a local park where skateboarder ride. Last year when using Schwalbe Road Cruiser tires could almost reach the top then I'd spin out and almost brake me feet when going backwards. This time I tried th…
  • Notice that the bar can be raised, lowered, or kept more in the middle. The nose piece can be rotated to have the bar vertically or horizontally.
  • Got that seat cushion @Jrobiso2 suggested. Picked it up at a local UPS hub and rode home fine. It was actually more comfortable that the cushions I was using. No slippage either. Thanks for the recommendation.
  • Installed the Topeak Bar Extender today. Installation was rather easy. It has a longer reach for adjustment, though that strap sure is thin. Read comments about the installation of that other Minoura mount. Glad I did not take that route.
  • The ordering site uses a different password & username, and is quite secure. That is assuming you do not use the same login data for ordering as you do to log into forums.
  • $35 would be worth replacing it.
  • Using the https:// still gives off the yellow /!\ Triangle - Firefox gives some interesting tidbits about information shared here can be viewed by others. Hello world!
  • Those straps... The outer most strap on the seat, per the original seat, has been a weak link for me. When I would go to cinch down on the strap it kept coming undone. When I sat down in the seat I would hear a small snap, and is how I found the b…
  • Granny seat cushion between the straps & seat with another on top of the seat worked in my favor.
  • Wished we'd have a few more days in the 70's before the temps start climbing. Had a good ride yesterday. Started off good then the phone slipped out of the phone carrier. Went back and found it with the rear tire tread over it. Phone was in an Ot…
  • Thanks, Jonathan. So it is stretchier... hmm. Was it fun replacing the new comfort seat mesh? Any tips/tricks