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  • Sounds like a plan. I will text you later today. What kind of food would you guys like. Pensacola has a lot of local selection. I really need a break from these two!
  • I was watching the Olympics this morning and they showed how Koreans used to ski on wooden skis. The woodworker used fire to bend the front end of the skis. Do you think that would work for your fenders also?
  • If you are headed down near Miami, there is a group called the South Florida Recumbent Riders on Facebook. I never was able to meet up with them and they like to go 20-30 miles which was out of my range. But, they ride almost every day. There is …
  • Southpaw, it is hard to get a trike in the back of an SUV. If you put it in forward, it's hard to balance. Backwards, the pedals hit the ground while you are lifting it. Ramps would be your best option. A few years go I saw some thin ones made t…
  • Get you snow blower out on the trail. You'll get it clean in no time.
  • If you want or need to go that fast, buy an electric scooter. These trikes are not made for that speed.
  • That works also. But, you have to put rubber under which ever you use.
  • I know that Alpaca sold something like that but I had already spent too much to buy it.
  • Also, the oak trees are dropping their leaves and spewing pollen which has me staying indoors some and taking a lot of allergy medicine. The car definitely needs a wash!
  • Yeah, that's what I used to have on my bike when I was a kid.
  • It is cloudy and humid today. I even considered turning the A/C on.
  • So, I see you guys have been online today rather than outside. It's a beautiful,sunny 75 degrees here. I thought about taking the kayak out for a spin but may ride instead. I love this part of Florida. We get 6 months of spring and fall.
  • You can get an adapter to fit the 2" receiver. That's a pretty good price!
  • Here's what I've done so far: 24" wheels all around Extended and modified handlebars (wide on bottom, standard on top) Terra Cycle dual cup holder, added PVC tube to hold Hydro Flask bottle Added used Patterson crank on front Cheap rack from Wa…
  • But they are even more expensive than Alpaca.
  • Finn59, I had to buy a 10' piece of 3" PVC pipe to make my cupholder. If I get to the ride in Michigan this summer, I'll bring it for you. I have no use for it. That could be your project next winter.
  • That's a great idea! Reminds me of the lights we had as kids with the generator that was rotated by the tire to power the lights. Amazing how everything that's old is new again!
  • Jrobiso2, the Alpaca carrier can handle DFs and trikes. I know it's expensive but well worth it. It's very sturdy but it does rattle in the receiver. I'm still trying to figure out how to stop that.
  • Or just add a block of wood to the pedal for the shorter leg.
  • I have a Ford Escape with a 2" receiver.
  • Buy a 2-inch U bolt and place it behind the seat on the beam. Also, buy some rubber to put between the U bolt and the beam to protect it. That will keep the seat in the same position all the time. I struggled with this same problem and this is th…
  • That's a good plan Finn. I think about it. So what have you got to carry my kayak to the beach? If you get one person on each of the front wheels, the trike isn't hard to lift onto the Alpaca. I don't always have someone else around.
  • Sorry Finn59, I just now understand what you were asking. I thought you wondered if everyone bought new trikes annually. Yes, I have made many changes and still need more but funds are more limited now that I ought a home. And, I'm more concern…
  • That second example looks a lot like the tool used to tighten spokes. I used to have one of those. I'm thinking it might be smart to carry a second chain but I still need the chain puller to put it on, right?
  • I usually wear sweat pants and they keep my legs warm but air goes up the ankle opening. I was thinking of finding some kind of athletic boot that would cover the ankles and put foot straps on the pants. We hit 74 with sunshine yesterday so I'll…
  • Good idea about the gloves. I bought garden gloves that are rubber in one side and cloth on the other. They would work for working with the chain. Where would I buy a chain breaker tool and a master link?
  • No. I could hardly afford the one I have.
  • Gordon_O, how does your trike fit lengthwise in the RAV4? I have a 2010 Ford Escape (old design) and after putting the 24" wheels and tires on my Rover, it won't fit inside. I've tried angles and everything but it just won't make it. I have the m…
  • Do you have to replace the housing? I had my shift cable go bad because my leg was hitting it as I pedaled not long after I bought the trike. The lbs only put a new cable in the housing and it still works fine three years later. I had the lbs r…