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  • I use led arm band on my ankles, do not know of any led adult shoe lights.
  • I have a Tour II and have mounted an air zound and a bell on the left side handle bar the air tnk in under the seat on the main frame mounted with the provided  velcro attached with zip ties for added insurance an bunge cord/ ball cord (harbor freig…
  • I use the terratrike  bag but it tended to lean to one side looking like it would fall off, I took it to a local she repir shop and hat four pieces of nylon webbing  about 1 inch  and velcro sewn  vertically aprox. 4 " long on the corners. This stif…
  • I have been using the pvc pipe stand for over a year with no problems , Utah trike web site has instructions and cut lengths to build it. I did not glue the front  section to the rear single support section so it could be disassembled and loaded in …
  • I use ragster sandals year round in southern California, use  a couple of pairs of socks if its cold.
    in Shoes Comment by dat April 2016
  • I use one here in California when sunny, have the full size one, lots of shade, get the front brace, it keeps it from flipping up. Its a good wide brim all the way around but you can still get burnt thru any openings / vents in the helmet.Not hard t…
    in Da Brim Comment by dat April 2016
  • Have to move to so. California low 58 high 78 today
  • Aerotech Designs has a limited selection of recumbent jerseys blue, white and yellow with three pockets across the front. Have not tried them yet but looking.Enter in recumbent  in search on their website.
  • Sorry to hear about your bad weather, Its been fantastic out here in southern California. Allways seems to be good for the Rose Parade,  low 48 Hi 62 Clear though we are heading into 7 days of rain, more than we have had in a year.Anyway today took …
    in Flooding Comment by dat January 2016
  • I figure if I run over it  the snake will swing around and nail me. How do you explain to the doc how you  got bit on the ass by a snake??
    in Snakes Comment by dat October 2015
  • I use a modified Harbor Freight rack. longest trip yet 200+ miles @ 70mph no problems. I also  added a welded loop at the rear top (could use an eye bolt) with 2 adjustable straps (Harbor Freight) one to each corner of the trunk lid (hook in slot of…
  • Da   Brim  a removable full brim that mounts to a bicycle helmet. its rated for 25mph for the standard wide brim or 35mph for the narrow version., they also offer a front brace to keep it from flipping up (for recombant riders)
  • I have used the harbor freight rack since I got my tour II. Longest trip 75 miles no problems. remove seat cover, stabilize rack with straps (eye bolt or welded loop at top of rack, straps to top corners of trunk lid harbor freight, hooks in slots o…
    in Roof Carrier Comment by dat June 2015