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  • Those wheels were very expensive, a guy on recumbent F.B. that lives in Canada had a set on his trike, not sure which model trike.
  • A big problem for trike owners is most SUV's are being designed with enough interior storage but they have sloping roof lines more often and the rear hatch has little vertical space to load a trike. We have a Subaru Forester and Kia Sorento with fl…
    in Triker Magnet Comment by TCEd August 14
  • I agree on having a insurance rider as the primary way to protect your trike and a cable lock as backup. I know trikes get stolen but I also believe it is a very infrequent event probably done by kids as a novelty not someone trying to profit. Most…
  • Again, any good welding shop could do anything you wanted with that seat frame. You would also need to fabricate a cloth seat back to fit the revised frame.
  • Finn59 wrote: » Didn’t notice. I passed Chonk on the loop and did not look at his Trike. Chonk is not one of the owners
  • A old yellow Zoomer.
  • Not purple
  • thought a Rover would not take a 26" rear ? There is no extension drop outs on this trike so probably a 24" rear.
  • OK experts, Did anyone at Ridefest notice what one of the TerraTrike company owner was riding at the event ?
  • Nearly every town in this country has a welding shop that could make a good removable Rover derailleur post for less then a $100 dollars, it's not rocket science.
  • I think TerraTrike should sell all Rovers with the derailleur post as a stock part and option double and triple chainrings. Cheaper and easier solution for riders wanting to deal with hills or raise top speed. ed
  • Need to move you seat and boom forward to clear the bar.
  • JamesR wrote: » sturmey, shimano, cassete 8-speed gear-inches: compensate for the jump from 7th to 8th by increasing your normal cadence in 7th - say from 60 to 80 rpm - and then shifting to 8th before resuming a 60 rpm cruise speed. Once …
  • That long arm is needed to accommodate all the chain slop that multi gear cassette requires.
  • Yup, triple fsa is reasonable
  • Agree with JamesR, Triple chainring and derailleur with shifter and associated hardware. A 30/42/52 triple would be good.
  • Sounds like the Rover would be good for you. Since you have a foot issue you need to fully understand the pedal and shoe options that may work best for your situation. I would discuss this with your physical therapist once you're knowledgeable about…
  • JamesR wrote: » single-ring gearbox. to give the rover more range: patterson 16 speeds($300), schlumph 16 speeds ($800), efneo 24 speeds ($500). from way-back minnesota days - norweigians told polish jokes, poles told finnlander jokes. tis rum…
    in Front IGH? Comment by TCEd August 3
  • Rover will teat you fine.
  • You're talking about extreme negative camber which would require a change to the king pin mounts on the frame, a significant modification.
  • TimC wrote: » Just my 2¢ worth, but when I used to ride dirt-bikes we stayed away from WD-40 if we had changed to an o-ring chain, because it could cause the o-rings to break down prematurely, but it worked great on regular chains. Of course, we r…
    in New to Bikes Comment by TCEd August 2
  • Regarding Loctite (any color or grade). The mating threads MUST be cleaned of all oils, grease or other sealants prior to application for it to work correctly. Actually there is a Loctite Primer which can be used also which is sorta over kill for tr…
    in Tire Wear Comment by TCEd August 2
  • Rip off.
    in Stolen Trikes Comment by TCEd August 2
  • Fairly simple. Get a tape measure and measure the overall length, overall width, overall height using those dimensions you build a crate with them as inside dimensions. Probably could reduce the package size by removing the rear wheel and turning th…
  • 5,000km riding backwards, yuk.
  • Funny, as a kid I may have put 3 in 1 oil on my bike chain once a year and the bike sat outside all the time. But that was a larger and probably stronger chain.
    in New to Bikes Comment by TCEd August 1
  • I have 3 x 9 = 27 gears. I spend 75% of my time in the middle 9 gears.
  • The key with any lubrication is starting with a clean chain.
    in New to Bikes Comment by TCEd July 31
  • I had a fun time also and enjoyed meeting everyone. There was appx. 120 riders there on every model of WizWheel and T.T. made plus a few other brand including Catrike, Scorpion and something else I forgot. I think I saw every conceivable form of fo…
  • That paint job is on the sellers rings, mine are not painted. didn't mean to mislead you.