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  • There are lots of fender options. The problem is figuring out how to mount them.
  • When I built my iceboat I used West System epoxy for everything, glue and exterior finish. Expensive but a very good product.
  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to ride fast under PEDAL power. I recently started a thread on the Recumbent Trike F.B. page on this subject and there are many riders that pedal only and maintain speeds in the 15 plus mph range and some run in t…
  • Sadly transporting a trike or pair of trikes will be a limiting factor for buyers. People want to be mobile and explore areas away from home yet don't want to add a trailer or unwieldy trike rack onto the rear of their vehicle or want to buy a new v…
    in Rack I built Comment by TCEd February 19
  • Clean the area of dirt and grease and ride a few times and see if it's leaking. I'd bet it is not leaking.
  • one not juan.
    in Dynamo hubs Comment by TCEd February 17
  • Never leave home without some disposable vinyl gloves. Makes the ride a lot cleaner after chain and derailleur handling.
  • I put. new air in the tires. The old air was worn out.
  • the guard needs to match the bolt pattern and diameter or you large sprocket. Doesn't matter what brand trike the sprocket is mounted onto.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » @TCEd without the bickering? Where's the fun in that? E trike or E bike is an expensive purchase new or doing a conversion. Although I'm not considering it now I'm still trying to learn the technology and options without bias/…
  • There is a,excellent discussion regarding e trikes at the Recumbent Trike F.B. page minus the bickering.
  • squirrelpie0 wrote: » Took the photo. See them most days. 20 mph wo eassist today but tailwind. L5 assist 200 watt against it. Only other trikes spotted this year two Sun deltas. Doing 50 km daily 20 mph peak or sustained ?
  • From a bearing manufacturers website. Grease: Grease consists of a base oil with a thickener added. These thickeners consist primarily of metal soaps (lithium, sodium, aluminum, and calcium), organic (ureas), or inorganic compounds. While these t…
  • 9 mph for 3 miles on a 10 to 12 percent grade must use a lot of motor vs pedal.
  • Finn59, Get two or three thin strips of wood. Brush an epoxy between the strips Bend around desired shape and hold with clamps Let epoxy cure overnight Sand excess and light brush coat everything with epoxy, let cure and top coat with UV coat. …
  • Think the videos disappeared 18-24 months ago. I came on board in 2015 and they were available then.
    in TT University Comment by TCEd January 18
  • There is a TerraTrike facebook page managed by T.T. There is another independent TerraTrike Owners facebook page with 1,600 members There is a Recumbent Trike Group on facebook with 5,900 members. If you're thinking of marketing anything I'd us…
    in TT University Comment by TCEd January 18
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » Ever heard of a hammer screwdriver? I've got one that's as fat as the base of my thumb, with changeable heads. Set the desired movement direction (clockwise or counter), set the bit into the thing to be moved, and hit the head wi…
    in Wheel bolts Comment by TCEd January 18
  • Willie, From your post above " It takes around 2300 watts ( with no assist) to climb a 16% grade at 12 mph. ". Are you expectations to b able to maintain 12 mph while going up a 16 % grade ? That is very optimistic.
  • I'll have my crow sauteed with morel mushrooms.
  • Even Trek one of the larger bike manufacturers doesn't have a online parts store, Cat Trike doesn't, Ice doesn't. Yes they sell some accessories on line but not the hardware parts that make up a bike or trike.
  • Yup, bearings are easily identified.
  • Guessing T.T. has figured out a full parts catalog online, parts in inventory and someone to manage the catalog, maintain inventory and pull and ship parts isn't profitable.
  • Since this thread has gone downhill already............the V.A. , our Legislative and Executive branches of the federal government all are complicit in failing to properly care for the injured soldiers beginning in the hospitals with delays for trea…
  • I think back to when I was young and rode a bike everyday almost year round and the bike sat out in the weather. I probably never lubed or cleaned the chain, may have possible squirted some 3in1 oil on it but i doubt it. Later in life I had a number…
  • Regarding dog boots. We took our young german shorthair pointer to bass pro and fitted him with boots or sorta tried It was one of the funniest puppy acts I've seen. He resisted having them put on and then walked, staggered and jumped around unti…
  • Low rider rack is a excellent battery location, keep the C.G. low and cabling short.
  • Willie, Good luck with your power change. ed
  • TrikeBirder wrote: » When I lived in South Boardman & Fife Lake ~40+ years ago, after plowing the main roads (at ~60mph!?) they would put down brine (salt) soaked sand. The brine would melt the surface of any snow an the sand would stick to th…