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  • Lord, grant me patience, RIGHT NOW!
    in Finally Comment by squirrelpie0 August 5
  • A truism: "No such thing as a a simple answer". I was in a similar situation nearly three years ago before I eventually bought a Rover. You can read about in in my blog at (a couple of years worth). I am well pleased…
  • Take it to a good shop or learn how to do it yourself. Lots of resources here and elsewhere on the net.
  • [ RonIA wrote: » One other thing: I asked TT if there were written instructions or video on the front wheel bearings and/or axle." Way to go. Did you pull the wheel off or simply tighten it? When I tried to pull off the wheel I had a problem wit…
  • Would not think it is a failing wheel bearing as you say it spins quietly and smoothly. But stranger things have happened. The wheel bearing are an inexpensive little sealed unit. I would pull the wheel off and closely check the inner and outer bear…
  • Missed out as versa bars was what I wanted and rhey were out of stock. Too bad rhey could not be ordered and paid for when available
  • Great update. Thanks for the post. It pretty much parallels my own experience but with a BBSO2B from Luna Cycle. Now about 25000km on my Rover w around 15000 w the eassist. Very few probs beyond standard maintenance. Great investment
  • Found the main seat bolt wear developed enough wobble I could not correct w standard tightening. Finally drilled seat mount and bushing out to fit sae 7/16 bolt, inserted flat washer on bolt between seat mount and frame tabs, and tightened with lock…
  • TraiL conditions will have most impact on speed. My eassist Rover can put out plus 20 mph, but unless really smooth pavement and light traffic, that is too fast. Much more comfortable doing 10 to 12 w or wo eassist.
  • 3 speed Sturmey supposed to be pretty tough. Karl Gesslein had some articles on them behind a Bafang BBHD and they held up
  • Have a 24 in rear wheel running 2.12 x 24Big Ben Rs 20 x2.12 on stock front wheels. Works fine.2016 TT Rover
  • Easy to check wheel bearing. They are not very big bearings and could be a defective one. If bearings okay, perhaps mounting bolts for brake disk or brake caliper Any of these three items out and adjusting brakes will probably not correct the i…
  • Sure you don't have a wheel bearing failing? Worth a look.
  • "DigitalGee I'm new here - my first post! Just started riding my EVO a couple of days ago and I live in Very Hilly country - south Reno, NV. Before " Thanks for the review. Any updates will be appreciated
    in Need help Comment by squirrelpie0 May 21
  • Only downside of Hollywood, putting trike on you have to pick up whole trike and sit on carrier. No prob if there are two of you. Can do it by myself. Other option would be set of ramps for front wheels while picking up rear wheel and pulling fro…
  • Have a Hollywood that came for 1 df and 1 trike. Rearranged component s for 1 trike. HD and works well bUT heavy. Folds up when not needed but interferes w rear warning and camera? Left on all winter when south, but remove when north home. Use o a …
  • Forecasts are for improving conditions with a strong warming trend by Tuesday. However haven't said which Tues, in which week, in which month.
  • Use a belt w a buckle and velcro around rim and channel 1.5 x18 to 24 in. Works perfect
  • Check out message board bent rider online, specialty discus, power assist, bionix. Great link there to recent Spinning Magnets article
  • Did you manage to get any picts of this procedure on install of liners. My text comprehension is weaker than my visual comp. Thanks in advance. Also back into the cold of Rainy River, missing those Florida zephyrs
  • Had a Bell 300 wireless that worked fine until I put a Bafang 750C display on handlebar and then EMI stopped the Bell from working. Moved it to bottom of steering arm and again worked ok but took it off as I no longer use. 750C works fine but if you…
  • Instead of trying to hold the caliper in line, either follow the procedure of tightening down the pad adjustments to force correct alignment and then tighten mounting screws or place a business card between pad and rotor , both sides, apply and lock…
  • Double wall rims are standard on some models. Your decision. Just open your wallet.My TT Rover has single wall on front 20000 km without a single prob. What trouble are you having?
  • JamesR has it right. Also could be the actuator on the noisy brake is a little bit sticky. Had one Alhonga that eventually packed up. Usually my ching ching was a bit of grit with a rotor a little off. Should be able to see if the rotor is off by pu…
  • If you are happy and familiar with BBsHD why change? 30-35 mph might be a little too much for an unsuspended high trike like a Rambler. Better figure on some Big Bens and look carefully at you chainring/cadence combos, particularly w a 20" rear whee…
  • 85F and bright sunshine in PCB this aft. Lovely ride this am. Azaleas are popping out all over. Return to the frozen north is looming.... shudder
  • Florida_bound wrote: » Jrobiso2, the Alpaca carrier can handle DFs and trikes. I know it's expensive but well worth it. It's very sturdy but it does rattle in the receiver. I'm still trying to figure out how to stop that. Many hitches have a…
  • NO. 10,000 km w,o prob
  • You don't take or split the caliper apart to remove pads. There is a tiny hex head pin that goes through the top of both pads.... other side of your picture...and then the pads just drop out. Your pads in pictures don't look worn out . Clean them up…
  • Need the gear sensor for safety ot the IGH otherwise danger of crunchy