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  • N.B.: The tires are Schwalbe Marathons, rated 40-100 lbs. Go for the 100.
  • When I first got my Tour (not a II) I found the steering over 30-35mph very squirrely. After tightening the seat mount as best as could be done (and after having snapped the original bot and replacing it with a SS bolt) it still tended toward overs…
  • I can no longer find the horizontal handlebar adaptation that I bought from Utah Trikes, but that was my solution. They clamped over the vertical handlebars and provided a horizontal extension with an open end where you can mount Mirrcycle mirrors.
  • While this is an old thread, I would add my comment that the Utah steering adjustment is well worthwhile, even given the frame grinding. I did so, and haven't turned back. Some may call the result "twitchy" but I call it "responsive."
  • Jess, Status report: I upgraded to Terracycle idlers front and rear, and they've made a huge difference in the noise level and vibration I was feeling as I pushed uphill. I just have to keep the shaft of the rear idler well lubed or it chirps a…
    in Idlers Comment by ewdove June 2009
  • I went here:
    in Bike locks? Comment by ewdove June 2009