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  • I recall those ones that you attached to the bar and it rubbed your tire - extreme drag on the bike, I recall. totally sucked. Let's hope they've improved in the last 45 years since I tried one.
  • Since I bought it in Sep 2016, we've put them both inside the E150 van. I just got done talking to my wife, and she wants to keep using this method (regardless of the crap mileage the van gets). So no rack. Oh well. We'll see how the mileage kills …
  • I've handed out about 50 (I got a big fat stack of them with my last order - I requested them and they tossed them in for free)
  • @Finn59 Yes, my wife rides a DF (Electra Townie 21D) and I ride a Rover. We're looking for a hitch rack to handle both. I'm getting a hitch attached to my Focus expressly for the purpose.
  • Grrrrr . . . Brrrrr! . . . . Grrrrrr
  • @Finn59 what would you charge for a rack? Is it possible to make it so it'll handle a DF as well? (Perhaps on a vertical bar close to the hitch?). I live in Michigan as well, so picking it up wouldn't be an issue.
  • With a half-inch difference in your leg length, it may be a good idea to get your LBS to customize your crankset, with a 165mm arm for the shorter leg, leaving the 170mm for the longer one. This should help balance the forces that are pushing agains…
  • And one box of chain from Amazon. Plus, I got my KMC master links on amazon as well - A pack of 6 master links and one package of KMC-Z72 won't set you back very much at all, but along with a small chain breaker (I have the very ones that @Trikester…
  • A number of bike shoe makers also make SPD sandals. Shimano and Nashbar, for 2. The only issue is that you can't seem to find them in the stores, making it nearly impossible to know what size to get (they are Euro sized and it varies from maker to m…
  • @TrikesterHal I also use Boeshield T9. I learned of it years ago for all my woodworking surfaces (table saw, band saw, etc). The sink is from Amazon, just a little 2 liter unit. Very inexpensive. I have to take apart the chain sections and do them …
  • Try @Chonk and maybe he'll read this :-)
  • @TrikesterHal I have that cleaner too, but it never gets it really clean. Still ends up with goop between link plates. Ultrasonic sink gets everything.
  • I also put stretchers in my Giro shoes to ensure the toe box hasn't gotten smaller
  • Better lights. Better Panniers. Chain cleaned in an ultrasonic sink. Things like that is what I do.
  • I carry a miniature chain breaker tool, spare chain (about 12" worth) and 3 master links. And yes, a set of chain pliers. All in a plastic bag to keep them separate from my other "emergency" kit (spare tube, patches, etc). I stick with KMC-Z72 ch…
  • Will do. Thanks. I suspected as much.
  • Best trick would be for the online parts catalog to be . . . complete? Easiest example I can think of - no place to buy brake pads form the Alhonga brakes on my 2016 Rover. just "Zoom" and "BB7" pads from what I recall.
  • One thing I noted about the specs for the RAT is the low end GI is better for climbing hills and off road. 13 GI low end!
  • TT still uses Alhongas - I can't figure out what pads to order because none of the pads sold on TT site say Alhonga. They say BB7 or Zoom.
  • Ahhh . . . I was looking at a different smart trainer, thinking I was looking at the Hammer ones. Thanks.
  • @PapaSkisNTrikes how did you handle the wheel size issue with the Hammers? From what I see online, they are designed for 26" wheels?
  • @Chonk has already said that they are looking to replace their forum software. Currently it's an open source one and I guess it's not doing what they want.
  • I know that in my case, my biggest worry with the BBS mid-drives is how much stress will I put on my Sturmey-Archer 8 spd IGH and its sprocket? If I had an external gear set in the rear, I'd be much less worried.
  • The SunRace 22/32/42 came with 170mm crank arms. This is on a Rover - hence the need to buy/create a front post for the Front Derailleur (FD).
  • @TCEd without the bickering? Where's the fun in that?
  • Exactly which model of Kurt Kinetic Smart Trainer do you have?
  • I bought my SunRace 22/32/42 from Amazon that has a chain guard. It would require you to switch your Front Derailleur (FD) to one that can handle 3 rings.
  • If you are asking me - I bought a pair of MTB clamp-on bars to mine to create vertical handlebars. Then I moved the brakes over to them. If they had been straight (they are curved) I could have also moved the shifter to them.…
  • There really are times that people in Florida should be disallowed from speaking, lest one of us who are snowbound and freezing our nether regions become violent from jealousy! ;-)
  • I added my extensions vertically, not horizontally. Much more to my liking that way.