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  • Got me some Crank Brothers Double Shot 3 pedals, now just need to get some new shoes for this season.
  • That is interesting, If you were doing long distance tour it might be handy, but trying to figure a place to mount it on a bike or trike without it being in the way and clear path in front of it would be the challenge. I think it would be a little t…
  • Maybe we can get a response from TT if the Tour II drropout would work on a Traveler. I know when I stopped over there the day before Riderfest, I asked about if a Traveler would take a 26" on the back. They told me it would but you get into the i…
  • I get some pictures this weekend of my headrest mount and my mount I have on my post out in front. The one out front is out far enough and high enough so my feet do not show. and the headrest mount you do not see the top of my Helmet. Both are ve…
  • You would also make adjustments for the chain line. Also that would void the warranty doing something like that.
  • There was a person at the hill climb challenge at Rider Fest who had an electric assist and the battery died on the was up.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » I'm hoping it's bent . . . linkage steering . . . low-rider . . . vertical handlebars . . . and folds
  • I have one with a Arkel bag, and two water bottle cages on it. Here is a pic of it on my Traveler.
  • It has a pocket to hold a water bladder and a smaller pocket to hold items on the inside. This and the Arkel bag I have on my side seat mount I have plenty of room to carry.
  • This is what I have on the back of my Traveler. Fits on the back or the seat and will fit between the headrest post also.
  • 100 LM front light, two Cateye Rapid X3, one on each Flag, and 100 LM red flasher on the neck rest on my trike.
    in Lights Comment by Peanut September 2017
  • I lock mine through the frame and the brake, but also having a Traveler I will take the tie rod off also. Let the person who tries to ride off with it with no tie rod and see how far they get.
  • I can see this phone call Customer: I was calling to see if you had any Rover decals? Gerrod: Hold let me go check. Gerrod walks to Chonks office: Hey do we have any Rover decals around, I have a customer on the line asking. Chonk: left me check…
  • I have a RAM mount on the derailleur post and another on on my neck rest, give me a couple of options on recording a ride.
  • We have trail rangers who volunteer to work a section of the trails here once a week. They also can report any concerns with the trails to the city information center to be passed on to the proper people. Plus the city crews are good at keeping th…
  • chonk wrote: » How do you compare a Jeep to a Corvette? I seen a Corvette body on a Jeep.
    in Comparison Comment by Peanut August 2017
  • It will depend on the ride I am doing. When I do the weekly Trek the Trials we stop halfway to let everyone catch up. Out riding by myself I will stop every 10 to 12 miles for a quick break. On event rides I will stop at the SAG stops, or like th…
  • I had the camera mounted on the derailleur post using a ram mount. I can also mount it on the one bar on my headrest.
  • Here is a video of the 13 mile ride
  • Working on getting a video together of the 13 mile ride. Hope to get it done within the next few days.
  • When I stopped by Terra on Friday I asked that question. Yes it can be done but if you keep the 20in wheels on the front you are going to run the risk of heal strike more.
  • It was a blast getting to ride with that may trikes at once. The 13 mile ride was really nice and the trail was great. Now I should have had my head examined doing the hill climb. But it was a great feeling knowing that I was able to make that cl…
  • On the hill climb challenge at Ride Fest how long is the climb?
  • I get the looks and questions a lot when I am on the River Greenway trails here in town. The ride I did yesterday was sponsored by the local velo club. There were a few two wheel recumbent riders, I was the only trike. I got questioned by a few ri…
    in The Look Comment by Peanut July 2017
  • I have a Patterson on my Traveler, you will need to get the cable stop to install it. They have the cable stop you need through the Patterson site also.
  • I just booked my room and registered for this today, This is the last weekend of my vacation. Going to spend Friday and Saturday up there, and head back on Sunday morning. Going to make a stop over at TerraTrike on Friday.
  • Any updates about Ride Fest.  With just a little over a month away figure there would be more information on it than just a date.  I am planning on heading up there that weekend but I would like to see some more info so I can plan my weekend better.…
  • Speaking of Poker runs, I am doing this in a few weeks.
  • Yes, You can feel the support in the sides, put it with a seat wedge and you have a bucket seat feel.
  • Great, I got to ride a Rambler AT at Bikefusion last Friday.  Fort Wayne Outfitters where I got my Traveler from had the Rambler and the new Rover there.  When I sat in the Rambler with that seat mesh I wanted to get one.