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  • Good for you. Happy Birthday. Go ridin??
  • So how do you transport your trike, if you do?
  • I have a bad back. I am not working. Sitting on the heating pad every morning. It takes 2 of us to lift trikes to the cap of my truck. I am only 59. So, I built a low rack. Even thinking of a ramp system to run Trike up onto tracks of rack. Who is t…
  • Again, our reunion is same day. Two years in a row. Used to be every two. I will go to Riderfest this year, so Florida Bound can buy the hitch rack.
  • The three things we tell prospective buyers are price, storage and transporting trike.
  • TrikeBirder-did you make a decision on a repair stand?? A fellow on YouTube listed two videos where he slid a pvc tube apparatus under his trike, then pulled the rack to an upright position. He did not list any sizes of the pieces. Seems you just ne…
  • First two trucks I owned had toppers. Last two just caps. Much better visibility This F150 is the first FULL size I have had. 6.5’ bed. First Dakota I owned had an 8’ bed and a full topper. Test drive I almost took a car off the highway trying to…
  • She just needs one for the trip to Michigan this summer.
  • Gov’t loans.
  • Distance I like to keep cause I won’t come home to write it on a calendar.
  • Ironman-how close was your unit to the sensor on your wheel??
  • One reviewer of this one sez electromagnetic interference is the culprit of his odometer resetting itself or staying at zero. More in the city, but has happened in the country as well.
  • Amazon has one for $25.99+s&h. Santa’s 9 months early.
  • Has it zeroed out your total distance, ever?
  • I read reviews on these items on Amazon etc. But how often do these manufacturers remake redesign a computer??
  • Waiting....tic...tic...tic...
  • Let us know how the gorilla tape holds out please. My tire liner seems to move around some. Maybe some silicon?
  • Really simple to fix. Just get the correct spoke wrench. Spins smoothly. Pitch of spokes may be off from one to another. I can live/ride with that.
  • Next winter they will form in Gatlinburg. Moving south. FLA May have to hoist anchor for the south seas.
  • That foto shows ratchet strap going down to hook on running boards. Anyone run a ratchet OVER the cab, and hook below on bumper?
  • There are kayaks in there. 10.5 footers that go diagonal That trip might have been when we took a fuel oil tank up to cabin. Then on the way home trikes were in trailer. Last year I wanted to build a rack above yaks to hold a trike. Mount it to…
  • Wouldn’t trust the ice. No way, no how.
  • Looks like where the rim dances inward is even with the stem hole. Will take rim with me to LBS tomorrow to buy the correct wrench.
  • Had a Barrecraft-ers? Ski rack in the 80’s that would clamp to the roof gutters. If I could find something to temp mount to cap on edges, that might do. Stop the wheels from working back. First attempt will be with the mat material from Walmart. Onl…
  • I DID collapse the Rover for a time last summer. Seat laid back and took steering arms off so it folded down under the cap. It might have been to store it overnight. We take so much stuff nordth when we go. Fill up the back seat and under the cap. E…
  • These were taken from Superior?? If so, how did you get down to surface? Great shots!!!
  • The cap is removable. I’ve never done that. Then there are the other items I have back there I’d like to keep locked up, out of sight. Easy for two of us to lift trikes up there. We put them close enough to use foam between the wheels as a buffer. …
  • It’s a hard plastic. Has ribs underneath. 6 or 7 people can stand on it at once. We looked at kitchen rubber mats that may grab the slippery cap. Put mesh mat under tires.
  • I DO have a bad spot on rim where in dances to the inside. Took tire n tube off to see it better.
  • Methinks I have a good ear. ( unless she is talking to me. ). I can hear the diff notes of spokes when I use my finger nail on em. LBS had spoke wrenches yesterday. Didn’t know what size to get. More snow overnight so I won’t be riding soon. Have …