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  • Moose berries doesn’t sound nutritious. Rode 10 miles last night. That’s two days in a row peddling. First time for that this season. She wants to ride today since her day off. That means another ten. 535 miles so far this year. I don’t want to w…
  • Read the revue...
    in Helmets Comment by Finn59 September 9
  • I struggled with the “aim” and braking of my Rover last spring before I learned of alignment issues on this forum. I fixed that and new bushings freed up the running of the Trike too. I have to remember to check our alignments with “The Stick”. T…
    in brakes Comment by Finn59 September 9
  • No comment on the ice cream? Did 16.67 miles. Knees and calf said enough. Over 500 miles for the year but behind last year’s pace. I would have to go nuts the last couple months to reach 800.
  • I’m going to try for a 20 mile ride this pm. Going to do the 10 mile trip twice. May be boring, seeing the same scenes. Fairly flat. No heart attack hills on this route. I’ll see when I am done what my average speed is. No breaks this time. Eat my i…
  • I’ve seen that tape used on aircraft during my stay at an FBO. On the leading edge of a wing of a Piper Warrior. Held some alum there til the correct piece was received. I flew in it, and am still typing.
  • Why not find a very large straw hat that will fin over your helmet? Bigfoot sized
    in Helmets Comment by Finn59 September 8
  • Add a longer strap to a visor and sew Velcro to the ends. Your head maybe tipped back on a trike and peddling west is no fun late in the day.
    in Helmets Comment by Finn59 September 7
  • Ouch. Young and in shape. I can fioat in the paddling suit from all the trapped air. Don’t know if it will slowly leak out. So we wear life vests as well. I sink like a rock. Some people float. Can’t swim, well. Neither can my cousin who is 40 lbs l…
    in Pvc pipe Comment by Finn59 September 7
  • Local business woman riding downtown area looked back to see where her grandkids? were and ran smack dab into a cement pillar used to stop motorized vehicles from accessing the path. No helmet of course. Became a veggie for some time. Health care wo…
    in Helmets Comment by Finn59 September 7
  • Here is my bow aimed at da Bridge. It’s amazing how brave I get when I put that suit on. Water was 70 on top. We’ve done this twice. Don’t know if we want to lug them down to the water again there in October.
    in Pvc pipe Comment by Finn59 September 7
  • Is that a stretch Rover? J-hooks on high for the yaks. Our yaks are curved, with a tri-hull to help them track better. Here’s Vicki in the Straits off park in Mackinaw City. Mackinac Island above her bow if you zoom in.
    in Pvc pipe Comment by Finn59 September 6
  • Wish I could have a rack AND da topper. I’m getting lazy. I just wheel trike into trailer to tote it when I ride. This way no air time for Rover.
    in Pvc pipe Comment by Finn59 September 6
  • Didn’t know you needed two. Didn’t see that at LBS. trim both down I guess. Hot here last night when we rode 10 miles. Grips were tacky. Thought about wrapping them with a tennis grip tape I used years ago. Wonder if that is still available. You can…
  • Can u kayak down your drive yet??
  • Voucher was in a box from Amazon. Drop it in the mail slot at the local AA office. Thought you said first stone was in wallet or purse.
  • I thought of the single rear wheels side bi side. Won’t gain many feet. I wish I could trust the yaks on the fenders but I can’t.
    in Pvc pipe Comment by Finn59 September 5
  • There is a small box in there too.
  • I need the sawhorse raising the yaks so the extra junk will fit under. Anyone want to chip in and git this ole Finn a 6x10’ trailer?This is 5x10’ on the outside of the rails. I like keeping this inside trailer and then the tailgate is kind of a safe…
    in Pvc pipe Comment by Finn59 September 4
  • Horse pies on Mackinac Island.
  • If you have a back rack behind your seat, you could fabricate a fender out of any wood or plastic. I have bent wood for our rear fenders. Zip tied them to the underside of our rear racks. Something to block the spray.
  • Another layout we just take the steering arm off on the inside of each Rover. Move trikes closer to each other so there’s room for front sawhorse. What ever layout that allows for the three items to fit.
    in Pvc pipe Comment by Finn59 September 4
  • Looks like if we lay the two seats down the yaks will fit o’er the top on sawhorses. Still have room on the floor for the three other items. Maybe bandsaw some wooden cradles to bolt to top of sawhorses to keep yaks put.
    in Pvc pipe Comment by Finn59 September 4
  • That’s baad. She needs my kayak sail when Gordon arrives. No peddling needed. Just the return trip.
  • Move to Michigan. Lake effect snows in the winter. shoveling is guud for a heart attack. Hafta buy a snow blower for winter. That is within 20 miles of any Great Lake, namely Lake Michigan.
  • It is a protected tree. Very few are harvested annually thus the high price. Not sold below da Bridge to trolls.
  • Now they say to expect winds to ramp up to 75 but that will be west of you. Still have a cookout. Dawgs n marshmellows. A party. “Squalls out on the Gulf Stream. Big storm coming soon”. Naw. Just fiction he writes.
  • I offered to send you bottled water...
  • I’m a liar. We DO ride the road up at the cabin, low traffic but they drive at 35-40. When I hear one coming, I pull off into the grass. And cross my everythings.