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  • Seems to me it would be a waste of $$$ since the bugs would still get inside the cockpit unless, it is close to your face or you are going fast. Just me two sense. Carry on.
    in Bug shield ?? Comment by Finn59 June 9
  • Try Utah trikes site or They are available. Don’t know how they mount. Look on YouTube as well. Good luck.
    in Bug shield ?? Comment by Finn59 June 9
  • Kids weren’t out tonight. Phone was playing James Taylor thru a blue tooth speaker behind me the whole 14.47 miles. Boy does that make time fly by. Listening to music instead of thinking of the next hill.
  • I have a mini air horn than I haven’t used in the boat. I should carry it to scare off these two kids who zigzag in front of our trikes on the Berry Junction Trail. I’ll record them doing this and send it to News 8. Not the air horn part.
  • I saw the rack you have FLA, yesterday on an suv in the lot we use. Saw them 6.5 miles up the path coming south. Lower trikes than ours, but tadpoles. Rack is shorter than led to believe in photos I have seen. Maybe it goes higher. ?
  • Have you replaced the shift cable and housing? I have never seen your model trike so this is just a stab in the dark. Guud luck.
  • It’s maybe 2.25 hours north of Grand Rapids. You know your dogs are going to disown you, right???
  • Well I put the gray pvc pipe on the other day and after two rides and 4 loadings/unloading of trike, the chain stayed put. Yesterday I noticed some noise of chain tapping edge of pipe when coming out of the top pipe. Today it didn’t register at all.…
  • Your link didn’t come up on my fone.
    in Help Comment by Finn59 June 5
  • One U- bolt behind mine with inner tube under. No problemo. 2013 Rover. My wife has a 2016 Rover bought new last April. Been meaning to put a clamp on hers. So far no slippage without extra clamp. She weighs 175 and doesn’t push herself hard to go f…
  • I have used it now on one ride and it worked well. “Basket” is detachable as i used sections of some old crutches my wife had. I can turn it thru back porch door now that it is detachable. I did have it on for a day with aluminum bands that were fix…
    in Seatside mount Comment by Finn59 June 4
  • James- did your white pipe move as you pedaled? How did you anchor it in place? Thanks.
  • James-did u ever put the pvc in your Trike?
  • I do have a few pieces of grey pvc tube that is flared on one end. Going to try that before ordering anything. It is heavy. If I can get the height right where the chain enters the flared end it could be quiet. And the grey matches the Rover.
  • My tube was sure rough on inside. Second attempt I used a flame on low with tube close to the side of flame, not touching it. Didn’t curl back as much as I thought it would. I have a lot of pvc pipe. Never thought of trying that.
  • Too much heat and TT tubes deform and can will catch fire. Didn’t have marshmallow standing by. Tried other end on lower heat pushing down at same time but the wall strength weakens. Maybe the items you are pushing against has to be the hotter of th…
  • Flaring to me is widening of the end. T- cycle’s looks like the plastic is rolled back on itself. A video shown on YouTube shows a man heating a thick pvc pipe and pushing it against a metal bowl’bottom to acquire that rolled back look. Now the hu…
  • I was wondering what I could form the flare ends with too. Going out to remove tube hangers momentarily. See how far the tube moves. This chair is comfy however. Nice riding day, mid 70’s. Eyes are heavy. May not see the end of hockey game...
  • Saw their flared tubes. Almost bought. I’ll try deforming mine first before ordering. Might try the zip tie trick, thanks.
  • Out riding now. Chain stayed put today.
  • Is this normal?? The slight bend of the top tube??
  • Haha. In that foto you can see the chain hanging in the rear.
  • I had the chain off a couple weeks back for a cleaning. I had it hanging outside to dry. Didn’t notice a bend in it. First time I reinstalled it, it was twisted. When I undid the quicklink, I could feel the trwist of the chain in my hand. I may take…
  • I did mount a side package to hold my lil cooler today. U-bolts on frame under seat. Didn’t look like they deflected tubes at all.
  • Took trike out tonight and after unloading it found chain had jumped off both front and back. It had really tight. Tubes must not be lined up good. Here is a picture of Rover with rear on ground. They I lift front end and set it down. Trike backs up…
  • I would like to wash mine while on the guud side of 6-0. After that, probably forget how to reassemble. Another phrase comes to mind, if it ain’t broke...
    in Internal 8 Comment by Finn59 May 31
  • Hmmm. West Michigan Bike & Fitness has three stores in West Michigan. The closest store to the outing will be there selling items. I think they are closed on Sundays. I have dealt with the Holland MI store. Call the Wyomin…
    in Internal 8 Comment by Finn59 May 30
  • Mo dallah in dere pockets!!
    in Internal 8 Comment by Finn59 May 30
  • Florida-have you ever been told to have the igh taken off and have it lubed internally? I think u have a 2014. I searched and read a lot last night. Some said Shimano suggests for the Nexus to have it done every two years.
    in Internal 8 Comment by Finn59 May 30
  • I have a Nexus and she has a NuVinci. I saw/read that the nexus will last much longer if one pauses while shifting. Ah, the WWW is the Gospel Truth...
    in Internal 8 Comment by Finn59 May 30