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  • Here’s a pict
  • There is one concave per mounting bolt, correct? And they go between where the caliper mounts to the lower bracket, right?
  • What do you call that washer in the caliper that allows it to pivot so the pads parallel the rotor? I want to replace both. See if that helps. Thanks
  • Because the Trike is upright, I can see in close and the caliper is pivoting out of alignment as I tighten the two bolts. I am holding caliper with one hand, trying to keep pads parallel with rotor. When it is, it spins silently. Try more tomorrow.
  • Sure wish I could play a video with sound here.....
  • Shined a light thru the rotor/pad area and saw so rubbing. I had both wheels off this winter as I put new grease in there. Could that be some of the issue causing noise? I have the Rover standing up against the porch wall now and am able to access t…
  • We used them in Vaasa. Was so cold even in summers there the tails stayed stiff. Never smelt.
  • Foot long rat tail curb feelers...
  • There are some dbl wall wheels on TT’s accessory pages. Set of 3 I thought I saw.
  • Shimano will live forever...
  • We’ll call us “Re-Furbish-ed”. “Re-Finnish-ed” is another guud one.
  • Thanks for that tip.
  • My 2013 Rover is 29 1/2” center to center on the fronts. Going to ride with Vicki tomorrow and it will be the first time for that rack on her Windstar. And it is low. It may bottom out. Two ratchets on Trike Monday.
    in Rack I built Comment by Finn59 March 5
  • Too high for me to lift anymore. Have a hard cap on that that I use to slide trike under after I laid the seat back. Still didn’t close entirely. Wheels stuck out onto tailgate.
    in Rack I built Comment by Finn59 March 4
  • So this intermittent sound...does this mean something is out of round? Rotor bent?
  • Listen...maybe. Nope. File is not allowed that carries audio.
  • The rubbing I am hearing is not a constant sound. It’s like once every revolution. Wonder if this site can show a video?
  • Wow. Thanks. Other side has been quiet. Is there a caliper mfg that offers a model that you can adjust BOTH sides, both pads?
  • Is it as simple as realigning the caliper mounting bolts, again? I don’t remember if I used blue threadlocker on these two bolts over the winter. Is it suggested to do so? Or else these bolts may loosen, shift????
  • Do Avid BB 7’s have same mounting hole position as the Alhonga’s?
  • Description on how a jet engine operates. A pilot told me this 30 odd years ago..
  • Suck squeeze blow go.
  • Have one ratchet strap over seat and under all three channels. Thinking about using steel tube to replace aluminum. We will use a carrier within 20 miles of home. If going north we will use utility trailer. Channels are 1” high. Next one I will cut …
    in Rack I built Comment by Finn59 March 2
  • Well here it is. Bounces by hand. Going to drive with it on for a few to see how long it takes before I am dragging it behind da Fjord. It does hang out about a foot further due to using that pivoting hitch.
    in Rack I built Comment by Finn59 March 2
  • The steering has been improved on the newer models. There are four Rovers on Phoenix CL that are around $900. Might be that people in your area are happy with their models. Shipping for a recumbent is astronomical as well.
  • Could be that the older design is stopping it from being sold. Higher more adjustable seat and frame are what us older people are looking for.
  • Here’s the 2nd rack I built. All aluminum. Channels are 1”x2”. Have not loaded Rover on it yet. 5/16” U bolts. Maybe some stringers between and under the channels to beef it up...
    in Rack I built Comment by Finn59 March 1
  • I just had a lot of dirt around one side of crank bearings. Thought it might be leaking. I wiped it down. After two rides the last two days it has not returned. I was wondering if I should pull it all apart. How often is this done? Rode fine so …
  • So the rack/trike sticks out almost 6 feet from the bumper???
  • Did you have the larger added after or did you buy it that way? What did the 24’s cost you if you added them after?