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  • I've heard the creaking but I never knew there was a fix.
  • Never heard of that before.
  • Yeah, I thought about making ramps outs of 3" or 4" PVC pipes. The difficult part would be cutting them the length of the pipe. You would need a table saw will a 10" blade.
  • Finn59 wrote: » My feet after awhile go to sleep. Feet are below my heart. Laces too tight? 41 year vet of the type 1 diabetic war? I don’t know. Have to try my Crocs and see. Still wear socks to keep sling’s Velcro from rubbing on skin. TC- you…
  • Because most of us who post here already own a trike. I would suggest you look on EBAY.
  • Would these help you? It is really hard to pick up the front end and balance the trike. Putting the rear end first causes the boom and pedals to dig into the ground.
  • How much did you ride it? The tires look really worn.
  • Look in the TT store for the rack that goes behind the seat.
  • marazion, so sorry for your pain. A trike actually helps most of us. But, I will tell you it's not doing anything for my core. I recently bought a large exercise ball to work on my core. I quickly fell off and haven't tried it again!
  • TCEd wrote: » Tree roots destroy rural paved trails. When my son was in middle and high school, he ran cross country. There is a path through a wooded area that they would take bicycles and ride to build their endurance. One weekend he asked …
  • Finn59, crushed limestone is better for a snowmobile blade than blacktop? I would have thought it would be just as abrasive.
  • IdahoTrailLizard, are you sure it's the seat mount? I thought it was too and found out the set in bolts on the frame keep coming lose. There is one behind the seat, one in fronnt of the seat, and one right under the crossbar for the front wheels. …
  • Finn59, he must be going a whole lot faster than we do. Most bugs would fly over the fairing like they do on a vehicle.
  • What is the terrain where you ride? Hilly or flat? That will help the experts give you the best advice. I'm not the expert. How often and far do you ride? Sometimes it just takes getting used to riding. I'm finding now that I hit 10 mph on t…
  • YouTube is awesome! I found a video on how to replace the cord on the Walky Dog Harness. The springs were stuck in the tube but, thanks to supply of old crochet needles, I was able to get them out. One is toast but I think I can find a replacem…
  • Well, we accidentally found out a Walky Dog harness is NOT indestructible. We were riding along on a busy street so I was on the sidewalk and came to a spot where there was a mailbox on the left and a street sign on the right. I went between the t…
  • marazion, what type of back problem do you have, if you don't mind me asking. Riding the trike never bothers my back. Pumping up the tires kills me. I recently started riding more and the back feels better.
  • The Alpaca Carrier has two possible settings. I found the higher one wasn't needed for my trike so I moved it to the lower one. That makes it a little easier to put the trike on the rack.
  • I considered renting a motor home to drive up there so I could take them. But, the loss of gas mileage and the rental cost would be higher than hotel rooms. The dogs will get over it once I feed them again! TCEd, I've thought about a few diffe…
  • When you push forward, there will be a corresponding push backwards. Does it have anything to do with the weight on the seat? Possibly! Good news is now we know how to solve the problem.
  • Can I do it in my car? It would take way too long on the trike.
  • JamesR, how about a curling iron? Once you put it in the tube, wind it around to open the end. But, I'm not sure they sell one a small as you need. I haven't used one in years.
  • Gainesville, where Jamesr lives, is one of the hilliest parts of the state. It's especially hilly near the University of Florida. Take a look at a topical map of the area.
  • Ok, I found someone to take care of my dogs so I'm coming north for Riderfest. It's a 2-day drive but I can't wait to see what "Pure Michigan" is all about. That's one state I have not yet visited. And, I'll get to meet all you crazy people who l…
  • So, good for floods also!
  • Well, I should be calling soon for an order. I think I need the hardware that goes under the seat clamp of the Rover seat. I've got a wobble that's not related to the frame bolts coming lose. I have to pull the trike inside and take a look first.…
  • Finn, I seldom ride in water so my gears might not be as bad as others of that age. I also only have a few thousand miles on it. I do want to get some overall maintenance done. The problem is I either need to make two trips to Gainesville FL or Ja…
  • I have the Nexus and always pause while shifting. Got into the habit and now it's automatic.