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  • IdahoTrailLizard wrote: » Has anyone taken their trike down the Hiawatha Trail? Would like to try it one of these years. We know a bunch of people that did that trail and we have talked about doing it but possibly on rental MTB's.
  • I was in error when I said pea gravel, I should have said crushed limestone which compacts well. Sadly most trail systems don't budget for maintenance work and trails degrade. Here in Traverse City a trail around Boardman lake is being completed. In…
  • Many of the previously asphalt paved trails in Michigan are damaged from tree roots and there is little funding to repair them. Some areas are better off being pea gravel which can be regraded.
  • Tree roots destroy rural paved trails.
  • Leg suck = Liability.
  • I'd drill a quarter inch hole horizontally through the frame and clamp and fasten a bolt in it. That would stop any form of movement forever and wouldn't damage the paint.
    in Slipping Seat... Comment by TCEd June 9
  • Tire size will impact your gearing and has pro and con results. A larger rear tire may increase top speed but also reduce hill climbing.
    in Rear Tire size Comment by TCEd June 9
  • During the various insect hatches the low riding position on a trike can be problematic . My concern is eye protection so i wear sunglasses that fit tighter and wrap around some. Most insects are a form of protein.
    in Bug shield ?? Comment by TCEd June 9
  • Florida_bound wrote: » I considered renting a motor home to drive up there so I could take them. But, the loss of gas mileage and the rental cost would be higher than hotel rooms. The dogs will get over it once I feed them again! TCEd, I've …
  • I would suggest spending some time seeing some of the Lake Michigan coastal cities by car. Grand Haven, Frankfort, Traverse City ( where we live appx 2.25 hrs drive) , Charlevoix, Harbor Springs etc.
  • Florida_bound wrote: » When you push forward, there will be a corresponding push backwards. Does it have anything to do with the weight on the seat? Possibly! Good news is now we know how to solve the problem. There have been a number of suc…
    in Slipping Seat... Comment by TCEd June 5
  • I wonder if part of the problem is due to pedal mashing, riding in a overly high gear and the rider mass pushing back against the seat ? or Someone assembling the seat bracket wedges incorrectly ?
    in Slipping Seat... Comment by TCEd June 5
  • Gotta do lots of electrolytes and water before, during and after. You finished, that's good.
  • 15% slopes in Florida ?
  • I would enter if was near me.
    in Recumbent Racing Comment by TCEd June 2
  • JamesR wrote: » Alfine is the higher end nexus, about the same cost these days as the nexus-8. check it out at niagara cycle, search on 'igh'. suspect industry trend toward 10-11-12 speed is drying up the 8-speed demand and shimano is clearing …
    in Internal 8 Comment by TCEd May 31
  • and these various devices are supposed improvements over derailleurs for what advantage ?
    in Internal 8 Comment by TCEd May 30
  • It's written on the tire sidewall.
  • why make the trike wider ?
    in Seatside mount Comment by TCEd May 27
  • I find the trend towards offroad capable trikes interesting but also limiting in their capability. Yes a RAT can go off road but compared to a MTB or Fat bike they cannot compete on similar terrain. Three point ground contact, the inability to get t…
  • Yup, rear axle forward and adjust with boom and seat for correct rider position.
    in Chain coming off Comment by TCEd May 24
  • Florida_bound wrote: » Tell me this. Why does a cycling shirt always have short sleeves? I usually ride with a sleeveless shirt so as to not get tan lines on my arms. In the cool weather, I usually wear long sleeves. Why can't I find a cycli…
  • I would be concerned a cover wouldn't fit tight enough and the air turbulence would destroy the cover.
  • I just looked at my purchased ticket from everbright and it also says 21 July ! Hope that's wrong because we'll be on a flight home that day.
  • They got to the moon with less. Seat bottom does look like something from the shuttle, lots of room for growth.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » @Florida_bound you're right. Somehow I don't think it's a RiderfERst. RiderfERst, that's the rider in front. The next rider is RiderSecond etc, etc.
  • I'm registered and may actually make the event this year, seems like things got in the way the past two years. ed
  • Experiment with the tension settings. You want to be able to slightly rotate your foot without releasing.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » It may be simple, but I'm hesitant to take an exacto knife to my $120 shoes to "see if I can do it". Faster using a router.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » There's a guy on FB who does these shoe mods for folks. Can't recall the name right now . . . Bill Barre, he runs the Recumbent One F.B. page. The mode is simple to do if you're working with a mountain bike type shoe.