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  • Experiment with the tension settings. You want to be able to slightly rotate your foot without releasing.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » It may be simple, but I'm hesitant to take an exacto knife to my $120 shoes to "see if I can do it". Faster using a router.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » There's a guy on FB who does these shoe mods for folks. Can't recall the name right now . . . Bill Barre, he runs the Recumbent One F.B. page. The mode is simple to do if you're working with a mountain bike type shoe.
  • Here's what some riders are doing to get a more comfortable shoe, clip and pedal relationship. Seems to help some riders with hot foot and also provide a more efficient pedal stroke.
  • There also is a move by many riders where they are moving the clip on the shoe from the ball of the foot to more in the middle of the sole. It's a relatively simple mod. that can be done on most shoes. Go to the Recumbent One F.B. page where this is…
  • I have the A530 model on my mountain bike and 520 0n the trike, like them both.
  • Finn59 wrote: » Seems like a long drop down in. What do u use to pull yourself up? Seat is 8" off the ground. Sorta bend/lean forward and rock forward while swinging elbows rearward to help with balance and push off while knees take the load. …
  • Finn59 wrote: » Ed-how do you get in and out of that thing? Guess I'm lucky that my knees and hips work fairly well and still can get in/out ( in being easier than out !) of the Zoomer. Once you're seated it is extremely comfortable. It's light…
  • I use this one from TerraTrike.
  • It's amazing how much additional money is spent on a activity once the core item is purchased.
  • That is a good concept. Obviously bigger the city the more planning required. Great way to see the city.
  • " Hence you get a better view but also worse stability.". Quoting their own words and what many riders don't want to believe. Higher seat and taller wheels equals less stability. There is a lot of other marketing crap in that ad.
    in 26" Wheeled Trike Comment by TCEd May 4
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » What, no rail scraping? funny guy
  • Funny after everything that crossed my mind after and since that accident today I suddenly remembered my riding my bike into the side of a moving taxi cab when I was in elementary school ! I was exiting the church playground and crossing a street wi…
    in accident Comment by TCEd May 3
  • chonk wrote: » I had a real close call 10 years ago where I almost hit a cyclist in key west. Even though the rider was riding where he shouldn't, it was entirely my fault. No one hit or hurt - but it deeply affected me even today. Partly because …
    in accident Comment by TCEd May 3
  • Since you're discussing torquing fasteners here's a little lesson if you're not aware. Fasteners can be torqued to a wet or dry value. Threadlocker acts as a lubricant so use wet torques. "With less friction (wet threads), the bolt will stretch mor…
    in Threadlocker Comment by TCEd May 1
  • IdahoTrailLizard wrote: » The granny seat cushion I was using did work okay, up until the material got pushed back into the cushion from use. So tempted to go to work on them tube ends with a 5# sledge hammer and flatten those ends down. Rememb…
  • Being active outdoors in fresh air is one of the better drugs available. The early April weather here in Michigan was dismal and caused me to retreat indoors and doing nothing. We then went on vacation to a warm and sunny place and spent most of the…
  • MapMyride works for my wife and I on Verizon Andriod phones.
  • Specs for all models new and old on TTWebsite
  • Yes, dealer in Suttons Bay, I rented from them once. Appx. 30 round trip, one good hill. couple grades.
  • Traverse City has a state park near downtown and the TART cross town trail runs next to the park.
  • That's why I suggested bending it as straight as he can and doing a alignment. Looking at the photo the bend isn't significant. T.T. may say to replace the part if asked from a liability position. Mechanical Engineer University of Michigan G…
  • I've taken the twist out of wood by wrapping it in a wet towel and twisting the wood in the opposite direction. It's a crap shoot but can work. Keep the wood wet for a day or two then check your results.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: » Sucks to live in a place that has real weather, doesn't it? As much as we participate in winter outdoor activities there are occasions I wish we lived elsewhere. Today is one.
  • Todays flight from TVC cancelled, rescheduled for Wed. In the past ten years we've had appx. 50% of our flights cancelled due to weather, seems like one every year.
  • flight cancelled
  • Finn59 wrote: » $35 for a new tie rod. I passed. Bent mine back gently. New part came today. Weather will prevent riding for a week. No rush. Have to see if rear rim is bent. Don't forget to do a front wheel alignment. quick and easy to check.
  • About 5-6inches this,morning, more in forecast
    in tool kits Comment by TCEd April 14
  • Flying Monday, hope the worst part is over by then.
    in tool kits Comment by TCEd April 13