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  • Currently on St George Island, FL riding nearly every day. But the 90+% humidity we have had daily, is killing every joint in my body. Still, I have at least been able to ride most everyday. I head to the French Quarters in New Orleans, Sunday.
  • I hope your project works out the way you want and expect. I always believe in undertaking any new adventure with "eyes wide open", so to speak. To that end, and before anyone currently with, or contemplating getting, Sturmey Archer equipment, I enc…
  • Be sure to get the Master Links that properly fit your chain. They are different for different size chains (8, 9, 10, etc.). Chains come in 3⁄32 in (2.4 mm), 1⁄8 in (3.2 mm), 5⁄32 in (4.0 mm), or 3⁄16 in (4.8 mm) roller widths, the internal width be…
  • I can't seem to make it through a month without changing something on one of our trikes. Usually it's something simple, but occasionally, more substantial. I probably have a dozen lights of some sort, 4 different flags, BBSHD on one trike, a couple …
  • Sounds like an admiral plan Hooktribe. Sorry for your loss and excited for your effort. Good luck... should luck be a factor.
  • Any hub can work fine if you get the gear sensor which senses when the hub shifts, and momentarily pauses the motor so everything works without a hitch. The NuVinci hub would eliminate the necessity of purchasing a gear sensor as their is essentiall…
  • JamesR, Great suggestion building a trailer around a Rubbermaid Action-Packer. Unfortunately, I have neither the skills nor the tools/equipment to accomplish such a task. And I'm a little confused as to why "...years of use - good product" required …
  • Yep, pretty much what I suspected. Thanks.
  • I wasn't sure if you had seen this or not. It looks similar to what you are using. I just wonder if maybe Utah Trikes makes some "universal fit" hardware that you might use.
  • Like most things in life, each technology has its positives and negatives. I hope the aim of most of us on the Forum, is to help one another make informed decisions. While I considered a hub motor before deciding on and installing a BBSHD on my Rove…
  • I just checked out your link RonIA, and I'm still not exactly sure what a direct drive trainer is, once I saw the price listed at the end of that link, I was certain I had no further interest. Good luck with whatever you end up getting.
  • I've not tested this, but in the past, when it has happened to me using the Preview feature, it was ALWAYS when I tried to use the Preview function more than twice. Maybe @chonk can knows, or can find out and inform us all.
  • TerraCycle might have a solution for you. I'm not sure these will fit, but TerraCycle can probably make a clamp that would fit just about anything. Check it out here:
  • Much better said than my post.
  • The Efneo GTRO is an internal triple crankset replacement, similar to the internal double cranksets from Patterson and Schlumpf, just with a virtual third front sprocket. It replaces your bottom bracket. So, this would go where the Captains pedals a…
  • I actually ordered 3 of these type lights from Amazon. I gave the one I liked least to my 8 year-old granddaughter, and kept the other two. All of them came with an 18650 rechargeable cell, AA battery adapter (requires 3), battery charger, handlebar…
  • Sure Hal,
  • Looks like a nice ride at a fair price. I'll pass it along. Good luck!
  • Thanks for pointing out my misleading comment. It is Sram, the internal hub manufacturer, that mentions in their documentation for the G8 IGH that you must (should?) quit pedaling momentarily with each shift of the gears. I suspect most folks were a…
  • Nice article with sensible suggestions. Thanks for sharing.
  • I would recommend not going up or down hills on a diagonal angle. If one has to so, be extremely careful, as this is an easy way to dump a trike. Whenever possible, try going straight up and down hills, vertical to the angle.
  • As I understand from Spin Bicycle Shop, TT requires prospective dealers to pass a TT test before they will authorize them as a dealer. Maybe the videos were initially created to train dealers and owners alike. As they got more popular with owners, a…
  • I have multiple lights (redundant redundancies?) I carry new AA batteries in my bag and a front and rear light that runs on same. I also use front & rear USB rechargeable lights as my every day lights (I charge them every few days). And while I …
  • @Bozo50 I would love to see some photos of that- maybe one lit up in daylight, one at dusk or night, and a third a daylight photo with lights shut off so we can see what the entire setup looks like... sounds really cool.
  • Heck, I bet there is a marketing angle to all this. Rather than taking staff time to create these videos (which would be great for us but perhaps expensive for TerraTrike), TT could have a contest for each component with a gift certificate for TT ac…
  • Oh sure Finn59, if you keep indoors, it'll be dry by spring.
  • Agree with all above... despite the relative new info that says there isn't much to be gained by stretching. If it feels good, do it!