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  • yes ...I have one they are from Purple Sky flags i believe the web sight is
  • I do agree with you on that!!! have you ever watched a young kid on Christmas day?? they have just as much fun with the box as they do with what came inside. It's all ones perspective.
  • I hope you get to go to the Mission Bay ride today (Sat) i was looking forward to meeting you. I'm a regular at Hoppy's and on the rides but today (saturday) i have to work we started our summer hours.....but I hope to meet you some day and ride wi…
  • A few months back our group (about 8 trikes) was riding in the Mission Bay area of San Diego.(it is great to be in an area you can ride all winter long) We aproched a mother and her son of about 7 or 8 years old when we heard the youngester state "…
  • I have had that happen to me too. I just threaded the presta valve back into the valve stem and snuged it down with pliers and have not had it happen since.( and the tire does not loose air either)
  • I ordered power grips when I got my Zoomer and used them for about a month and switched to clipless the power grips are good but the clipless are great! you got to try it , once you do you won't ride with out them.
  • Is that like the emperors new clothes?
  • I have a Zoomer that I ordered direct with the 26" rear wheel and absolutly love it! I live and ride in the Northern San Diego area and we have HILLS! ( the only place for flat riding is along the beaches) I have no problem with the hills if they a…
  • I have a Zoomer and all I use is a standred bike rack that straps on to the trunk of the car. To use it just rotate the zoomer 90 deg so it sits on the rack on it's side. I use the two tie downs on the holder arms and the left front tire i put a vel…
  • there are all kinds of flags out there i like the ones from
  • I have the 26" rear wheel kit on my Zoomer and wear size 12 1/2 shoe and have never had my feet hit the ground. If you use clipless pedals you can adjust your cleat to a lower position on your shoe.
  • Thanks....I got an e-mail from Jeff Yonker he said,"Yes it does work with the iPhone 4 (I have one and checked it out), however the foward facing camara is blocked." For those who are interested I seen the same thing at REI but they wanted $60.00 fo…
  • I rode early Sunday morning in the "San Diego midnight madness " ride it was a great fund raiser and a lot of fun!
  • I would like to know how it was fixed also.