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  • mariemuma
    Hello Elrique64. We corresponded back a couple of years ago. I eventually bought a Catrike Trail which has a Nuvinci N380 (17T) and am about to purchase a Bafang 500 Watt motor. I will have to take off the Patterson Metropolis in order to do this. You seem to have a lot of experience with the Bafang. Would you be able to recommend someone who would be able to install it?? So far, I did go visit a bike shop in Portland who gave me an outrageous bid to install this. I believe you live in Washington state. I live in Port Townsend and would be happy to transport my trike to pretty much anywhere in Washington. We have a motorhome and could just stay until the job was finished. I can purchase the motor/parts either from Utah Trikes. Bafang USA does not sell the 500 watt motor anymore. Thank for your time. Hope you are doing well. Marie
    June 23
  • IdahoTrailLizard
    You roxxors! :D
    June 2017
  • Jrobiso2
    Hmmm, maybe offer our services for a discount on our next trike?
    May 2017