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  • Elkie
    Hi, I'm in Ottawa like you and was happy to find another local person on the TerraTrike site. I'm wanting to buy a trike for a family member who had a stroke and has foot drop on left foot. He rode a 3 wheel Sun Bike prior, the EZ Tri Classic but wants to switch over to a TerraTrike now that he is more recovered and feeling like something sportier would be more fitting - we are debating what is best right now between a Rover or a Rambler. Any insight or advice you have would be appreciated! Left hand was affected from the stroke so steering can't be too hard or tricky (I've read that certain Terra Trikes have very rigid/difficult steering). He also doesn't want to ride 'lying down' or have his feet much higher than his hips. He is young and strong but safety first! Any thoughts? Did you drive to Hamilton to pick up your trike or did you have it shipped here? Thank you so much! Kind regards from Stittsville.
    May 14
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    December 2014