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Low Rider Rack Compatibility

Attention dealers:

The new Low Rider Rack is not compatible with the Rover x8 model due to chainline/chain clearance issues.  On the Rover x8, the Low Rider Rack’s chainstay clamps push the chain towards the frame, causing excessive noise and eventually wear on the chain tube when the chain is in the smaller cogs on the cassette.

Because of the single rear cog on the Rover i8, and Rover N330, they are not subject to the changes in chainline when shifting so there is no problem with them.  We did include a chain tube bracket to space the chain tube clamp slightly off the frame to allow it to travel past the clamp of the Low Rider Rack without interfering with it.  There is an illustration explaining the setup in the installation guide for the Low Rider Rack

Thank you for reading this and relaying it to your team so that we can avoid any confusion in the future.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact your dealer sales representative.