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More is More: Three Reasons Why E-Assist Rules

What the TerraTrike Boost Kit Does for Me.

E-assist technology for trikes and bikes is here to stay, and after being about to use a boosted TerraTrike for quite some time, I think that’s a good thing. It’s a simple, plug-and-play upgrade that works with a bunch of TerraTrike models, and I wanted to give three good reasons to head down to your local dealer and check one out.

But first, let’s get one thing out of the way. There are some who say that e-assist riding isn’t really good exercise, because the motor is doing the work. While that’s not entirely wrong, it is seeing the glass half empty.  

Here’s why. 

Numerous studies have shown that riding with an electric assist motor still provides good exercise, and there’s even evidence suggesting that e-assist riders ride longer and more often. It’s not that the motor takes away from the effort produced by trike riders – the motor just adds a whole lot of awesome to whatever a given rider is capable of.

Before getting into all the numbers and tech specs of the Bosch Boost Kit, let’s take a look at why someone who’s already into riding non-motorized trikes might want to check one out.

(Fueling up while on a long trike-packing trip near the Manistee National Forest)

The Boost Kit is the great equalizer

The Boost Kit offers a way to ride with friends and loved ones who have varying fitness levels and abilities. Whether that means keeping up with friends, speeding up a spouse, or planning an epic multigenerational trike-packing trip. Here at the TerraTrike headquarters, we’re surrounded by experienced cyclists who love to strut their skills, as well as less experienced riders. When it comes time for company rides, the Boost Kit helps us all stay together as one adventurous pack. It’s a powerful, inclusive tool for anyone looking to level the playing field.

(Company group ride on the White Pine Trail near Big Rapids)

A Boost Kit allows for extended rides 

Sick of riding the same 15-mile loop all the time? With a Boost Kit, rides can be significantly extended without taking riders out of their comfort zones. After all, what’s the point of having such a comfortable seat if you’re not going to enjoy some long rides?

A rider can still put out that 15-miles worth of power that they have in the tank, but with a Boost Kit, that ride can be extended to a hillier 25 miles. For me, I have my usual parks, bars and restaurants I ride to on the west side of Grand Rapids. But when I have a boosted trike with me, I get excited to extend my ride out to the East side, and check out new experiences that are now much easier to reach.

(Taking a pit stop at City Built Brewing)

A Boost Kit makes running errands a special treat  

Out of sugar? What an awesome excuse to hop on your boosted TerraTrike, put it in turbo mode for a 270% wattage increase, have some fun and get some fresh air instead of being grumpy about having to make a special trip. Never hurts to save a little gas, too.

Better yet, someone else in the household who wouldn’t usually be interested might want to make that trip. A study in Norway found that e-bikes are especially appealing to those who had little interest in cycling and low activity levels before being introduced to an e-assist bike.

Here at TerraTrike, we believe that all forms of cycling are great, and e-assist cycling is no exception. I would highly recommend to anyone that they should visit a local dealer, and give one a test ride. Lastly, most dealers offer payment plans, which can make the transition to e-assist much smoother if you’re on a budget.

(Grabbing dinner supplies at Bridge Street Market)

TerraTrike Boost Kit Specs:  

  • Bosch motor produces 50Nm of torque for gentle and smooth acceleration  
  • Five power modes maximize watts by up to 270% 
  • Maximum speed of 20mph 
  • Approximate range of 36 miles (with one 400Wh battery) 
  • Compatible with Maverick, Rogue, Rambler, All Terrain, Gran Tourismo and Traveler 
  • More info can be found here