Combination Cable Lock


The 4 digit combination lock is easy to set and reset. The vinyl coated multi-strand steel cable diameter is 10mm and the length is 6 feet (72in). Don’t be fooled by supposedly “thick” cables that have a smaller steel core diameter cable of 6 or 8mm and thick plastic on top of it. These can look much more robust and theft resistant than they actually are.

Suggested locking is around/though the frame and through at least one wheel to an immovable object of suitable height such as a bike rack, small tree or light post.

This is a great way to guard your investment!

  • Combination is changeable so you can use an easy to remember number
  • Lock can also be operated with included keys
  • Durable cable is extremely difficult to cut and is an effective theft deterrent
  • The cable lock is easier to transport than a guard dog and eats less, although it’s not nearly as cuddly

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