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How Do I Find My Serial Number?

Where Do I Find My Serial Number?

We get asked this a lot, and it’s not easy to find……on purpose. We do this so that it makes it difficult for a thief to find if it’s stolen. That plus we don’t like to take away from our awesome finishes!

Your serial number should have been provided to you when you purchased your trike. The easiest way to find it would be to inquire with your dealer first. However, all 2018 and future models we’ve also put a sticker on the bottom of the frame and stamped it on the right steering tube for every new model. The Tandem Pro only has a sticker inside the steering tube.

All models except Tandem Pro

Tandem Pro

Location of Serial Numbers on older legacy models

The Rover
Find the serial on the
butt-end of the main frame

The Rambler *
Find the serial
on the crank.

The Sportster
Find the serial on the bottom of outrigger.

The Tour II **
Find the serial on the frame tube by the chainstays.

Tour, Cruiser, or Path
Find the serial on the inside of boom tube.

* (Includes Traveler, E.V.O and All-Terrain models)
** (Includes legacy models – Zoomer, Zoomer Elite)