Rambler EVO

I just picked up my new Rambler EVO From Real Bikes in Venice. I bought this thing before ever riding an Elect Assist. This thing is outstanding! I am so glad I bought this trike and sold my golf cart now I can have fun and improve my health at the same time.


  • I met one of the folks who worked at Real Bikes recently while riding on my TerraTrike Rambler that I purchased in Ft. Myers, Florida just a month ago or so.

    Real Bicycles, shame on you for not doing more advertising on Trikes at your bike shop. An internet search on Terratrike dealers didn't reveal your name.

    Prior to my purchasing my Rambler in Ft Myers, I never knew that there was a trike dealer in Venice, Florida.

    Expect to see me soon and expect to see a few referrals from me to your bike shop.
  • Did you click on the tab at the top of this website that says "Find A Dealer"? The Venice shop is the third one listed.
  • I found Real Bikes on this web site. I had no problem at all finding them.
  • Killjoy, how do you like your EVO now after some 8 or 9'months? Your feedback,would be appreciated. I am considering getting one. I currently ride a Rover (8i) on the Legacy Trail but am limited as to mileage because of severe back problems. I think an EVO might allow me to go further and vary the routes thus adding to the enjoyment.

    One thing that worries me is that the gears are external and more vulnerable than the 8(i) i currently use.

    I too am a regular Real Trikes customer by the way and revommend them,

    Advice/Comments from others welcome too!
  • I purchased the EVO for my wife early this spring, email me for comments romeo52@me.com
  • marazion, what type of back problem do you have, if you don't mind me asking. Riding the trike never bothers my back. Pumping up the tires kills me. I recently started riding more and the back feels better.
  • Florida_bound, I have scoliosis and stenosis but I use seat padding and a lumbar support which help. A waist support helps but restricts breathing which is a disadvantage!

    Pumping tires has not been a problem because I use a hand held electronic pump which is a god-send.

    My daughter (a physical therapist) tells me I should exercise more to strengthen my core but I confess I hate exercise and routinely ignore her well intentioned advice!
  • I spin the tires so the nipple is as high as it can be. I have remembered to check the air once trike is on the carrier. Better yet. We bought a standing pump with the gauge at the top so it is easy to read. In four strokes I can have tire to 50-55 psi if it is low. Beats dragging compressor out and waiting.
  • marazion, so sorry for your pain. A trike actually helps most of us.

    But, I will tell you it's not doing anything for my core. I recently bought a large exercise ball to work on my core. I quickly fell off and haven't tried it again!
  • My 2¢ on Real Bikes of Venice is that it's a great shop. The staff are friendly and helpful, and their mechanics are top notch. My wife bought her comfort bike there, and I bought my Rover trike (used) there.
    Finn, I got us one of those high-pressure hand pumps with the gauge on top. What a pleasure to use. It's tall so there is very little bending over involved, and as you said, just a few pumps and it is done.
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