New E.V.O. Wheel Kit

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We've been hinting about it for a while, but it's finally ready to ship.

Convert your existing trike into an e-assist trike with the E.V.O. Wheel Kit package.
The kit includes: rear wheel/motor (no tire or tube), battery, battery case, smart charger, Wired Plus/Minus, rear rack, mounting hardware and instructions. Fits most TRIKES (notice I didn't say just TERRATRIKE?) with vertical dropouts.

Get all the power, ease and reliability of our famous Rambler E.V.O. in a retro-fit kit.
However, do not order these on our website. For the time being they are only being SOLD and INSTALLED by authorized TerraTrike dealers - so contact them for availability.

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  • What is the price, or price range, of the EVO kit?
  • Click on link. Have defibrillator at the ready...
  • Price of the kit + installation. Yikes!
    Jonathan will probably get one installed on his Rover and make the rest of us all jealous and stuff.

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  • If the Rover has vertical dropouts. Just
    newer models have these?
  • So is that battery case better than the others that sit behind the seat? I think it's a good place to put it.
  • Rover has horizontal drop-outs
  • So the rest of a Rambler EVO is only worth $700, based upon this price.

    Sorry to disappoint you @Florida_bound but I won't be putting that on my Rover anytime soon. At that cost one should just as well buy a Rambler EVO.

    I bought a used Trident Spike 2 already converted by e-bike for $1200 and just replaced the 5 year old SLA batteries for about $100 and now I have an e-trike for my in-laws to use so they can ride with us.

    The Rover is tricked out enough with the triple ring out front (22 T low end) that I can wait for my pension to start before buying an EVO to replace it.
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    NM, found it. Falco 750W 5 Phase Motor

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  • I've heard nothing but good things about the Falco. I think even HPV is now using them on their factory e-trikes as well (Scorpion 20FS+ paired with a Pinion front gear box), which really shows that it has proven its quality throughout the triking industry with both TT and HPV picking it.
  • I am currently considering buying a Rambler EVO to replace my beloved Rover 8(i). What advantages, if any would there be to saving $700 or so by buying this wheel kit and having it installed on my three year old lowish mileage Trike? Surely for a mere extra $700 it is more cost effective to buy a NEW bike?
  • I was a little off on my math, so instead of 700 I'd say more like 1000, which is more reasonable. That being said, the EVO is designed from the start to be pedal assist, rather than grafting a system onto a trike that wasn't truly designed for it.

    If I were in a position to buy the EVO, I would do so and then post my Rover for sale in the various recumbent FB forums and here in the Rover forums. That's my recommendation.
  • Also note that the kit is for trikes with VERTICAL DROPOUTS. Rover i8 does not have vertical dropouts.
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    the chatter about $700, $1,000 can only refer to used rover prices - see

    apparently hp velotetechnik has never heard of falco -

    us what done put electric wheels on both rambler and rover fail to comprehend the statement about electric wheels being made for vertical dropouts only.

    the evo is one of the few turnkey system available, diy being a labor of love and frustration.
  • @JamesR it was actually looking at the difference between the kit price and an EVO, which is essentially a Rambler framework. $3300 for EVO, $2500 for kit . . . so the rest of the trike is only worth the difference in the two prices.

    I would have sworn that the HP was using Falco, not Go-Swiss.
  • @Jrobiso2 - Don’t I wish my EVO was “only” $3300!
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