Riding With A Dog

Took my first ride without my dog since I got him in December. i wanted to build my miles back up for when I do the Great Cycle Challenge in June

OMG, I had no idea how much of the work he was doing! I knew at times he was pulling me but it seems like he's doing it all the time. I only made 6 miles and came home and immediately took Motrin and pull out the ice bags. This could hurt for a while and the knees were already hurting most days.

Back to riding with my buddy!


  • You could buy my kayak sail.
  • How does it fit in/on the kayak?
  • I mounted an aluminum plate across the bow of yak and the mast base slides onto a plate, mounted to aluminum. Falcon Sails. Near Toledo OH. May still have a site and videos. Carbon fiber mas and boom. They offer aluminum mast n boom also. Bought mine about 3-4 years ago.
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    www.falconsails.com. Tough to tack into a headwind on your Trike. You’d wear out the shoulders of your tires.
  • No sudden stops, please.
  • Wow, $145 for the sail and $400 for the hardware. Other kayaks sails I have seen were just as expensive. I may have to use human-power a while longer.
  • Yellow and blue are my sail colors. Plus a clear panel so you are VFR.
  • Had a fun time this morning. First a friendly dog came out to the street to visit us but my dog does not like others near me. I tried to ride past him but that didn't help. Had to wait for the owner to convince him to go back in the house. Then we saw a squirrel my dog want to chase into the woods. That was fun! And, now anytime he hears a dog barking, he starts sprinting away and I have to slow him down. Most of the dogs are behind fences. I try to tell him they are just jealous of him but it doesn't work. It was a very eventful ride!
  • Gotta move the dog from one side to another on each ride. Lest you will wear the shoulder off of right Marathon
  • Well, we accidentally found out a Walky Dog harness is NOT indestructible. We were riding along on a busy street so I was on the sidewalk and came to a spot where there was a mailbox on the left and a street sign on the right. I went between the two but my dog went on the outside of the sign. He doesn't appear to be hurt but I'll keep an eye on him. The Walky Dog harness took the brunt of the damage. I need to call the company and see if I can get a new strap. I was fortunate to have a cable from a lock in my bag and used it as a leash to get us home. Carrying a bag with miscellaneous items is well worth it. Never know what you'll need when!
  • YouTube is awesome! I found a video on how to replace the cord on the Walky Dog Harness.

    The springs were stuck in the tube but, thanks to supply of old crochet needles, I was able to get them out. One is toast but I think I can find a replacement at the hardware store. I tied the cord using only one spring and will try it out tomorrow with a leash as a backup.

    I ordered replacement cord from The Dog Outdoors. They also had an attachment for the harness that connects to the back axle of the trike. My neighbor has a dog trailer that has the same setup so I think it will work. Is there any problem attaching it on the same side as the chain?
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