New Rovers

Ordered a pair of Rover x8's from Harley's Bicycle in Hutchison Ks Friday for wife and I.
I started riding 2 wheel bikes again last summer. Mary Lou (wifey) wanted to learn to ride bikes with me.
i thought anyone could learn to ride a bicycle. Not true. Ended up selling her bike before she broke something learning all the do's and dont's of biking.
We are excited to learn a new sport. (hopefully safer and more comfortable for us both). Wichita ks has lots of safe bike paths and rail trails to explore.
Maybe we will see some of you on the ride sometime!
Retired, but not over the hill yet.


  • Welcome to the wonder world of triking! You will really love riding your Rovers. Let us know on this forum if you have any questions.
  • I love my's 7 years old now.
  • My wife likes her rover also. When we bought it we had never heard of leg suck. Please research this problem. People on this forum have hurt them selves on trikes!
  • Hopefully all model Rovers come with the heel slings as my wife’s did with her 2016 model bought last April.
  • thanks for the headsup on pedal suck. we bought shimano spd sandals and pedals today. all terratrikes come with heal slings now. pick up trikes friday am! hot dang!
  • mblubaugh wrote: »
    thanks for the headsup on pedal suck. we bought shimano spd sandals and pedals today. all terratrikes come with heal slings now. pick up trikes friday am! hot dang!

    Just wondering how you like your Rovers
  • I bought my Rover in May & love it. I rode quite a bit in May but not much in June. I've been missing it so I'm trying to convince myself to just ignore the humidity & get out and ride. Still working out the logistics of triking with the dog - sadly, it's more fun without him.
  • We really like them. Been riding sidewalks in our neighborhood trying to stay in the shade and go thru the sprinkler
    It has been a hot june here in the midwest
  • Yeah, it's hotter there than it is in the Florida panhandle. And, sometimes, the humidity is even worse.
  • Today here in Central Texas we hit 102. Sadly that is only a preview of temps to come. Makes it very hard to get out & ride for any length of time
  • Higher temperatures just means taking more water! (Texas born and raised, living in Michigan now and riding in 95 degree weather)
  • Its been VERY hot here in New Jersey to. The Rambler is in the garage.

  • If it was just the heat then I'd be bringing more water & still riding. I'm trying hard to get used to the humidity but my theory is that if I'm soaked before starting the ride, I should just stay home...or start getting up at odark thirty to ride before it gets too humid. Some mornings even that is a lost cause.
  • Oooh, the rest of the country is hot and now no one can ride. Really? I ride in heat indexes over 100 all the time. Of course, I'm not going to try and ride 50 miles. Also, there are some great ocean breezes. Still doesn't stop the sweating. I now carry two bottles of ice water for an 8-10 mile ride.
  • @Florida_bound - So basically, you're saying eventually I'll get used to the humidity? Oh I hope so. I hate that it's stopping me from doing what I want to do. Of course, I'm not going to get those ocean breezes but maybe a nice prairie one will help cool me down?!?
  • Last week here in Michigan it was so bad I brought a bath towel and another shirt to change into after the ride. Love the zip up cycling jerseys. Pop right off. Waiting to see what weather is going to be like for Riderfest in three weeks.
  • It's going to be sunny and in the 80s for Riderfest, right?

    Yeah, you can adapt to the humidity quickly. Here, we have worst humidity first thing in the morning. So, I started riding in the evening. Unfortunately, we are in the eastern most part of the Central Time Zone and our sun sets very early, even in June. If you wait for all the residents to get home from work, that doesn't leave much time. Carry lots of ice water. I rode over 100 miles in June (that's a lot for me) so you can do it too.
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    Just rode 10. Used a lemon eucalyptus insect lotion and the deer flies left me alone for the most part. A few found me. 37% humidity so I did t sweat. They target me when I sweat. Gotta love those cold fronts and a nw wind behind em.
  • Deer Flies can fly up to 9.9 mph, so just maintain 10 mph, and you'll out run those pesky devils... or at least that's what I keep telling myself. And as my ride times are now all averaging more than 10 mph, I have not had any Deer Fly problems... until I stop so, I just ride on.
  • Tea Tree Oil and water works well too, I've heard.
  • This tube of lotion had been upstairs in the bathroom cabinet. I read that their new mix is not as strong, according to one reviewer. I’ll have to use it on a high humidity day to see if it still works on the flies when I start sweating :o
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