Odd Rubbing - Especially on right turns

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Have placed an order for new brake levers as the right one has stripped out within the first few months of Rover ownership. Was so stripped out that there were only a couple of usable threads.

Not going to relish removing the shifter handle to replace the right brake lever. But I need to get it done.

The Go pro Hero was picking up an occasional whine or rubbing. Originally had thought it was the left brake pads. Discovered today it is the right wheel doing it. When turning hard or long right turns the rubbing was heard.
Even when I thought there was no rubbing on the straightaways, the GoPro Hero picked up some whining even then - although minor could still hear it on playback.

Had felt some drag at times, but no noise. Almost like as if I had a low tire, but they have been holding at 70# ever since I put in the Slime tubes. Strange that the camera picked up more rub whine that my ears did not. On playback I could hear the whine.

Looks like I'll have to tackle the learning process for adjusting the brakes again.



  • I’ve had to tweak my brakes enough in the first year that it is easy. Getting close to turning into Finn60 that I’ll have to start writing things down though. TT University is a lifesaver too.
  • Wait a minute! 60 doesn't make you forget everything. That happened to me after having twins when I was 29!

    I got one year on you and can't wait to apply for social security next summer!
  • Please share with me. Bring up the papers in two months to the party and I’ll sign em. :)
  • Sure you don't have a wheel bearing failing? Worth a look.
  • Wheel bearing going bad with only 500 miles on?

    Showed this video earlier about having a camera on the Rover: but there are two different areas where I was turning right and there was this distinctive & brief whine. The right brake lever was a bit too tight - the brake adjuster was stripped last time I adjusted the brakes (first time for me) so am thinking the cable is too tight.

    Time position markers: 1:01, 2:50,

    Haven't gotten to the parade videos clipping yet. :\

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  • Easy to check wheel bearing. They are not very big bearings and could be a defective one.
    If bearings okay, perhaps mounting bolts for brake disk or brake caliper

    Any of these three items out and adjusting brakes will probably not correct the issue.

    When my first wheel bearing started to fail was advised it was unlikely the issue, but it was!
  • the adjuster at the brake lever is for picking up cable stretch. apparently you have been using it to compensate for pad wear - that needs to be done at the calipers. taint possible cable is too tight if routed correctly.

    2x your video hear brake rub when starting out. get a flashlight and check pad clearance both wheels - check pads parallel on brake activation.

    low miles on the trike - have you checked wheels for true?

  • Brake levers came in first class mail. The envelope they were in took a beating and had some holes. Will have to get the brake levers on next week before the WRT ride, and hopefully can hire @Lilypad to teach me how to adjust brakes more proper.

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  • Oh, @Jrobiso2 , the beginning of the video was the tractor taking off across Main street, carrying dirt. That was not the trike.

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  • Rover went to the LBS.
    The SA shifter cable was misbehaving. Did get the right brake lever swapped out. Since I took Rover into the LBS in for a new shifter cable, Joe will adjust the brakes so will be ready for the June 2nd WRT ride. :smile:

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  • Was out riding the other night, and put the GoPro Hero Session on the end of a selfie stick. Made a recording, but for some reason that one video was corrupted on transfer. /grr

    However, was only hearing the noise when going slow. It sounded like it was coming from the rear wheel, not the front wheels. Sure hope that doesn't mean the SA8 hub is going bad already. Only have 538 miles on the Rover.

    Probably not covered under warranty by now, huh? Might explain why it feels like I'm dragging something behind, or have a flat tire in spots. Is there any recommended lubrication that needs to be done on an Sturmey-Archer 8 IGH?

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  • It's the left brake. The inner pad is rubbing. Was spinning the wheels and the left wheel does not spin as well. Three revolutions and it stops.

    Wished I had the knack of adjusting these disc brakes. Cantilever brakes were oh so much easier!

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  • A crescent wrench can be used to gently bend the rotor back if it is deflecting towards the pads. I’m getting better at it. I have the Rover standing on its’ rear tire to bring the caliper up to shoulder height. Then you can look down at the brake pad area while wheel spins to see the point where the rubbing occurs.
  • Need to find away of moving the inside brake pad away from the disc. Soon as I get a boost in income am going to switch to Avid BB7's.

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  • Loosen caliper bolts to it is free to move about. Put a business card between rotor and inside pad. Hold down brake handle to center caliper and re tighten bolts. Spin wheel to see if it has cleared. Outside pad is adjustable and can be moved away from rotor if needed.
  • Someone here told me that you’ll have to know how to adjust a new setup as well. I was thinking of switching as well.
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    bb7 will present the same alignment challenge. keep whatcha got, watch enough youtube brake alignment videos until that aha! moment strikes.

    ignore the business card business - pad clearance has nothing to do with caliper alignment. tip trike on its side, sit in a chair, use a flashlight to see what you are doing.
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