Cover for Trike While Traveling

When I moved last spring, I ran through torrential rainfall and was fearful water got into the frame of my Rover. Fortunately, I haven't seen any damage. It sits on an Alpaca carrier with the crank to the top.

Is there any kind of bike cover you could use when the trike is on this rack. If I go to Michigan for Riderfest, I would definitely want one then. I'll probably see many storms in late July/early August.


  • I would be concerned a cover wouldn't fit tight enough and the air turbulence would destroy the cover.
  • That is definitely a problem since the top of the trike is higher than my car. I guess a large trash bag taped over the crank and entry to the main frame could. It is cheap and can be easily replaced.
  • A grill cover, large one. What would u do with Trike overnight if u came to Michigan??
  • I have to either leave it on carrier on the back of the SUV, move the seats up far and put it in the back of the SUV (have to take the carrier off first), or demand a 1st floor handicap room and put it in there. None are great options. I have a large U bolt lock and a cable. The problem is the Alpaca has two pieces and they could easily break the lock securing the two pieces and carry the trike away.

    I cannot travel with the trike in my car because the 24" wheels make the wheel base too long. But, putting it in the car overnight may be the best option.
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  • Our back door to the deck is 36” wide. Rover just rolls thru that. Doors at hotels/motels should be that wide.
  • Chonk, I have modified handlebars and 24" wheels. They reach 33" off the ground. Will that cover still fit? And, will it work while the trike is on the Alpaca carrier? The price looks good.
  • Yes. It's pretty generous in sizing and has a draw string around the bottom. I'd still use a bungie or rope to secure it even more if you are going to use it while hauling it.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • Well, I should be calling soon for an order. I think I need the hardware that goes under the seat clamp of the Rover seat. I've got a wobble that's not related to the frame bolts coming lose. I have to pull the trike inside and take a look first.

    Anyway, I'll add a cover to my order.
  • Today someone posted on the recumbent trike showing a cover they had on a trike that was transported. The cover was shredded. I would seriously reconsider covering yours. Any part of the cover that's loose will flap and eventually wear through or tear. The air turbulence at the back of a vehicle is significant. The air is wrapping around both sides and also over the top and possibly up from underneath.
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    Can you share a link? I found many different recumbent trike FB pages.
  • Are you taking the Rover on the elevator to your third floor room?
  • Can you share a link? I found many different recumbent trike FB pages.
    somewhere in this group.
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    Ok, finally found that post. It was a grill cover. It also was positioned differently than mine will be on the Alpaca carrier. I am going to compare the material it is made from to the one that TT sells. I don't want to spend a lot of money to have the same result. Thanks again!
  • Read the descriptions and the cover TT sells does not say it is for transporting the trike. I could put a trash bag on it and not care if it rips. I could also carry extras!
  • You might get a quote from a boat storage facility or the like to see if they can shrink wrap it for you like they do for boats. I think this would be your best option if it isn't price prohibitive. At night, I would look for a way to back you car (very slowly and carefully) up against a building, tree, etc. to make theft less likely. Also, check with your motels to see if they have an overnight security guard. Best of luck!
  • A heavier canvas tarp with grommets should protect Rover better.
  • Considering it takes up a lot of my rear view, I need something that will stay snug. Still looking!
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